ESPN has posted a video of Kobe talking about his injury with reporters.

Basically talks about the injury and at one point lifts up his right hand and you can see how largely swollen his pinky is.

Also, says he’ll play a few minutes tomorrow night and sit “my old butt down.”

He’s pretty confident he can play the rest of the season – just needs to be careful.

  • lakerz

    wow! kobe needs to be careful or get the surgery now.

  • dcb2069

    hm. this can’t be good.

  • LD2k

    Yeah his finger looks horrible — I added a screen cap :(

  • JCBiglessworth

    Kobe should get surgery now….as hard as it would be without him, it will be even worse if he re-injures it right before playoff time and wont b able to play. That would hurt us even more….

  • nyla

    Yea…if that doesn’t go down by Sunday, he should prob get surgery now.

  • True Lakers Fan

    Kobe is a grown ass man if he want to wait let him wait damn! its not ur damn finger

  • lakerz

    his hand looks really swollen in that picture

  • gugy

    Kobe should do the surgery this Monday morning. We can get away with Gasol until he is back. We will be fine.
    Plus by that time Bynum and Ariza hopefully will be here and Lakers will be in full force.
    Do it Kobe, Do it!!!!!
    Better do it now than wait the injury gets much worse right before the playoffs.


  • thomas thomas

    if kobe gets surgery then the rest of the team will learn how to play without him.
    then in the playoffs, if kobe is on the bench the team will do great and will do even better with him on the floor

  • Mr.81

    Old butt? ….

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    KObe KNows what he’s doing , he knows this is the first time in a long time he has a chance at a championship, and he is not going to let a pinky bring him and LA DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • earl

    I Agree with Kobe da 1 andonly Kobe plays injured all the time remember 2 years ago he hurt his knee and needed surgery during the season he played it out and got surgery after the season so this is not the 1st time Kobe will do something like this

  • jonasjulienjoseph



    on NBA Trade Machine i did a trade that would send Chris Mihm, Luke Walton,Vladimir Radmanovic, and Sun Yue to detroit for Richard “Rip” Hamilton and it worked

    this will help both teams because detroit will get a three point shooter that will almost replace Rip. they also will get Luke who can help with the pistons passing game and if Mihm comes back he can possibly replace Big Ben and when chauncey gets old sun yue can help replace him at point guard

    this will help the lakers because in the SG/SF positions one (kobe) will be a drive the Lane Threat and the other (rip) will be a three point threat. rip can also be an extra guy if Kobe gets injured


    start with 5 veterans and then later replace them with young unit

  • BigThree2k8

    So much for KB buying into the TEAM concept with statements like this “If I dislocate it again, I’M probably in trouble”

    Translation – “If I dislocate it again, the rest of the team isn’t good enough to secure a playoff spot without ME!!!”

    Granted the Lakers are talented enough on paper, but it’s the TEAM’s chemistry that wins championships. Statements like these do not help bring a TEAM together. By having the surgery this actually forces the other players to step up and see what they are made of. Better to be without KB now than in the playoffs. I don’t think this TEAM is strong enough psychologically to handle another 1st round bounce. If KB doesn’t swallow HIS pride now, Shaq and the Suns are going to get THEIR revenge later!!!

  • reggie

    If I was Kobe I would play the all star game but don’t touch the ball at all. Come out and the first dead ball I would sit the rest of the game. As far as the season goes, I would sit out for a minimum of two weeks, and get those injections that help rebuild tissue. The better the Lakers do the longer I sit out. This option would give the finger some time to heal, but it will still give the Lakers time to get back into the playoffs if they fell out during Kobe’s absence.

  • ryguy2303

    [Comment ID #26287 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I think he means he will be in trouble because the Lakers organization advised him to get the surgery now, but he opted not to. I don’t think he meant they won’t make the playoffs…lol how can you say the rest of the team isn’t good enough to make it to the playoffs. Do you watch every game?

  • LakersOnFire

    well the west is pretty tight right now. if kobe does the surgery, and they only have gasol for 4 weeks (assuming lamar will go back to being ineffective as the 2nd option and before andrew comes back), a couple game slide now could send them packing at the end of the season. i think kobe wants to make sure they make the playoffs and i think he thinks they have a good shot with everyone else back even if his pinky is injured in the post season. of course there’s always next year, but after everything that’s happened since last summer up to today, i think the whole team has their hopes up and he doesn’t wanna this be a season of “what could have been”.

  • Vlade Divac

    Im talking to Kobe and I think he will be ok…

  • Vlade Divac

    [Comment ID #26287 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Hey “rygay” I suggest you shut up!

    i can see your not part of the nation and i will have you banned from the site if i see one more negative comment from you…

  • Jack Nicholas

    Hey Vlade, ryguy wasn’t talkin crap it was bigthree, bigthree is the one that likes it from behind….

  • LA fan in Manila

    This is really tough for KOBE, the whole team and the fans…He wants to play! His attitude towards this incident is a showing of a great leader. I wish Kobe all the best. He is fighting for his dreams of winning the championship, the Olympic gold medal, and fighting the pain for Los Angeles fans. Kobe, truly the MVP!

  • Vlade Divac

    [Comment ID #26298 Will Be Quoted Here]

    You are right I apologize ryguy, bigthree is the one that will be banned

  • Jack Nicholas

    I will pray for kobe!

  • kaynam24

    kobe is a warrior… just pray n hope he wont re injure or i hope this injury wont affect his game… kobe isnt scared of da 6 weeks layoff its wat he can do after that… its those day off that might get him out of sync n da lakers squad.. so he wants to make sure to keep da momentum going.. i dont blame him for not getting surgery… hes a leader n hes tryin to lead da lakers to championship..

  • David

    About the inflamation. I’ve had damaged ligaments and the more inflamation the better it is (see prolotherapy)

    When you have a torn ligament you want inflamation because inflamation causes blood to flow to the damged area reparing it. Now if there wasn’t inflamation and the ligament was torn that would be a problem.

  • Sako

    [Comment ID #26277 Will Be Quoted Here]

    you’re right, it’s wrong how some fans treat people like kobe who we admire as some sort of object, like we fans control this guy, i mean he’s 29, he’s married, has 2 kids, & since shaq left, if it wasn’t for him, the lakers would be so bad, they wouldn’t be in the nba anymore, they’d be so bad that they’d be in the d-league, the guy’s 29, he can make his own damn choices

  • Sako

    ^^^ wrong quote, it’s supposed to be
    True Lakers Fan
    Feb 16th, 2008 at 5:06 pm

    Kobe is a grown ass man if he want to wait let him wait damn! its not ur damn finger

  • mikedeezy2k8

    [Comment ID #26285 Will Be Quoted Here]

    your just fkin around right? why would detroit do that trade? seriosly think about what you did

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #26289 Will Be Quoted Here]

    He doesn’t watch Laker games, because he’s a bandwagon Boston fan, which means he’s as gay as Rudy is.

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #26307 Will Be Quoted Here]

    bigthree is just scared of the Lakers at full strength, like the rest of the league has become. At the beginning of the season, Boston thought they were going to run away with the title but now they see the Lakers getting better and better as the season goes on, which has quieted the city of Boston. It’s going to be great to see another Boston team falter in the playoffs because Boston is the city of losers, just ask the Patriots – HA HA HA (18-1 and no championshiop – a season all for NOTHING!!)

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    B[Comment ID #26287 Will Be Quoted Here]
    Big 3 where r u from? mars?
    where did you learn english?
    you damn kobe hater!!!!! gtfo here!
    that translation is totally out of your mind, u moron!
    kobe’s statement means : if i dislocate it again i am in trouble because i will have to have suregery.
    that is pretty simple to understand, stop twisting kobe’s word just to make him look bad

  • dcb2069

    [Comment ID #26285 Will Be Quoted Here]
    uh yeah. im going to have to go ahead and say that detroit wont make this trade for dozens of reasons.

  • BigThree2k8

    Nothing to fear from a team we easily handled twice. Lets take a revisitation:

    Lakers 94, Celtics 107
    – Perkins schools Little Boy Andrew (LBA)
    Perkins 21pts 9reb 1pf
    Bynum 4pts 9reb 4pf
    – Lamar shows why you pay him 13 million/year
    Odumb 4pts 5reb 4to 4pf

    Celtics 110, Lakers 91
    – LBA still not ready for the Big Stage
    Bynum 8pts 2reb 6pf
    – A “Healthy” KB stinks up the Staples Center on 6-25 shooting
    – We were playing the 2nd of a back to back, not to mention without our starting point guard. I do believe you guys were at “Full Strength” and lose at HOME by how many???
    – Please lets not even mention the “Short-Shorts”!!!

    The Spaniard doesn’t really change anything. Waaaayyyyy too SOFT!!! We shut him down too.
    – Jan. 4 Gasol 12pts 3-13 shooting 8reb
    – He doesn’t help your biggest weakness – DEFENSE
    – Keep LO away if you don’t want him breaking Gas-HOLE’s brittle feet!!!

    I could go on but I’ll save you some for later when we’re raising up #17!!!

  • dcb2069

    “The Spaniard doesn’t really change anything.”

    that alone shows what a moron you are.

  • Michael_23

    Kobe remember what happened last year with injuries. Injuries disrupted their chemistry giving them a bad playoff spot and 1st round exit. He surely does not want that to happen this year. So he’s staying.

  • drew

    Kobe talked on NBA TV at the end of the All-Star game and he said that the finger can’t get any worse. That the ligament is already torn all the way and that he just has to play through the pain. And when it gets hit it just causes it to swell more, which is why they have to keep the treatment.

    He also said that Bynum was getting treatment when he was and that Bynum looks good in his rehab. That’s good to hear.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    [Comment ID #26395 Will Be Quoted Here]

    I want to revisit a great memory us Laker fans had last year. In January of 2007, when the Lakers got done kicking the crap out of Boston, what were the fans chanting at the end of the game?

    I’ll remind you, “MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP, MVP”. And do you remember who they were chanting it for? That’s right, they were chanting MVP for a member of the Los Angeles Lakers!!! That just shows how pathetic Boston fans are. Boston fans are nothing but pathetic bandwagon fans, who THINK they have a shot at winning the title. NO WAY!!

    BigThree – admit it, last year, in Boston, you were chanting MVP for Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers (the greatest NBA franchise)? Don’t lie, we all know you were. You can just admit it.

  • ab4sure

    kobe will realize he can’t play with it effectively and get the surgery this week…. wed. or thurs..

  • Rasarx

    This is terrible news indeed. Just when things began to turn in a long time. I can’t remember this team ever incurring so many key injuries in one season: Walton, Mihm, Brown, Bynum, Ariza, Kobe. I didn’t know Kobe’s problem was that serious. I don’t mean to be negative at all but realistically I can’t see how we can deny this is serious. A torn ligament doesn’t go away by resting. I don’t know how you can be “careful” playing with an injury like that unless you change your game entirely, avoid crowds, avoid driving to the basket, avoid going for a rebound, avoid defending, avoid contact. You can be as careful as you want and that’s not going to make 9 other players careful who are all fighting for the ball. Kobe’s style of play is always exposing him to all sorts of physical abuse. I would have bitten the bullet and gotten the surgery last Thursday and used the all-star break as part of the recovery period. I’d much rather do that now and be ready for the play-offs than risk a more serious injury, risking losing him for the reason or heaven forbid, longer…

  • BigThree2k8

    LakersFirst – I’d hardly call 111-98 a blowout considering Pierce didn’t even play. In fact it was close midway through the 4th. Really not that impressive when your going up against the likes of Gerald Green and Ryan Gomes. Like I said before, all that effort last year got you what??? An inevitable and forceable ejection (much like the still birth you call a head)in the 1st round!!!

    Let the real truth be told if your broke TRAILER TRASH A$$ could afford a ticket then you would have seen it was the Lakers fans chanting “MVP” and NOT US!!! Yeah the only thing I’ll admit is your sister sucks better d!ck than your mom!!! Though your mom says your always giving her the better compliments and she taught sis everything she knows. Maybe if you recycle all those beer cans you have in the back of that pickup sitting on blocks in the front yard you might one day have the privilege of seeing a live game in the Garden. But I’m sure your apparent lack of nostalgia and appreciation that you so strongly cling to certainly could never allow that. A real LA fan would appreciate the history that hangs from those rafters. Just as a real Boston fan would relish a visit to the Staples or the Forum in it’s day. If you’ve been to any of the C’s games in LA over the past couple decades then you’d realize true C’s fans never went away. Even in the bad years.

    In response to the Boston bandwagon fan – is that the definition of someone, who lives 2700 miles from Boston , in 25 years straight hasn’t missed a regular season C’s – Lakers game (In Boston & LA except for the lockout in ’99), had the honor of witnessing all seven games of the ’84 finals, and isn’t a Red Sox or Patriot fan. However, since you keep bringing this up, it is worth mentioning 2 World Series in the last 4 years, 3 Super Bowls in 5, and last time I counted 16 NBA Banners is pretty fkn impressive!!! I do think even YOU, in your Downs/Tourette’s stupor, can realize 16 is greater than 14!!! But maybe I’m giving an inbred too much credit!!!

  • LakersFirst

    [Comment ID #26486 Will Be Quoted Here]

    BigD*ckSucker: Please, you keep trying to knock the Lakers for having gone the playoffs, unlike the Celtics who haven’t been to the playoffs since when, the 04-05 season. And was the last time the Celtics actually won a title? I think it was two decades ago (actually it was 22 years ago). Man, that’s a long time for a team to be rebuilding. It took the Lakers 3 years to rebuild after trading Shaq away (no NBA team could have rebuilt as fast as the Lakers did).

    So you do remember when your Boston fans (and of course Laker fans) were chanting MVP, MVP, MVP for a Laker, HA HA HA (I bet you Ainge loved to see and hear that). See, there are Lakers fans ALL over the country and its great to see ALL Laker fans come out and support the team. You can’t say the same thing for any Boston players. Nowhere will you see any Boston players get cheered, outside of Boston, as people do for the Lakers, in particular Kobe Bryant. The Staples Center will NEVER, EVER support any Boston player the way the Boston and Laker fans supported Kobe Bryant.

    Yea, yea, go on with you Mom and sister jokes. I swear that’s so 1980’s but then again, I’m sure you’re still living it the 80’s because that’s the last time the Celtics actually won anything, HA HA HA. 22 years and absolutely nothing achieved. The Lakers on the other have won 4 titles (3 in a row I might add).

    Oh by the way, the Garden is NO LONGER THE REAL GARDEN IDIOT (and here I thought you were a true Celtics fan). The Boston Garden was torn down (because it was a piece of sh*t) and the Celtics now play in the Fleet Center, or it used to be called the Fleet Center, although they now call it the “Garden”. What a bunch of idiots Boston fans are, still living in the past and calling their new arena “the Garden”. But then again, seeing how the Celtics haven’t doen sh*t in the NBA for the past 22 seasons, I guess I can’t blame Celtics f*ggot fans for living in the past. See, us Laker fans don’t have to do that considering we’ve been won titles this decade.

    And where the hell does this TRAILER TRASH comment come from. You’re talking from a guy from Los Angeles, not f’n memphis!! You know Los Angeles right, the city of Hollywood, hot blondes, beaches, sun, expensive real estate, money, you know… the second greatest market in the U.S. next to New York. Now Boston on the other hand, other than being known for having a useless Boston Celtics team for the past 22 years, what else are they known for? Oh that’s right the New Kids on the Block were from Boston (typical f*gs). Oh wait, Boston is known for another thing, having gone 18-1 in the NFL and NOT winning the Super Bowl. HA HA HA.

    and you’re right 16 is greater than 14, but how many years have you been dusting that 16th banner?? It’s been up there for while and I don’t see that elusive 17th banner coming anytime soon.. 1986 was such a long time ago. It’s just a matter of time before the Lakers, you know the team that has the MOST wins in NBA history and the highest winning percentage in NBA history, takes over as having the most NBA teams.

    I know you fear the Lakers, like all Boston fans do, now that they are speaking out. With the Lakers youth (other than Fisher, there is no on under 30), Kobe 29, LO 28, Gasol 27, Farmar 20, Bynum 20, Turiaf 25, Walton 27, Ariza 22, Radmanovic 27, Sasha 23, the Lakers are going to be contending for a LONG, LONG TIME. Can’t say that for the Celtics with their big 3 all over 30 or over, but I’m sure Scot Pollard and Eddie House will take the Celtics to the promised land HA HA HA

  • dcb2069

    come on now lakersfirst, how could you forget brian scallabrine and fat baby shaq?

  • LA Lakers

    He’s been fine for now. Let’s not discuss what we don’t need to. Just let him play the game and do what he has to do!