This is awesome. I added some pictures (click more to read the entire post). Back 2 The Future + Kobe = Nike McFlys…

Gizmodo: As you already know, today was the launch of the limited-edition Marty McFly-inspired Nike Hyperdunk sneakers.

350 pairs were sold almost instantly (some are now for sale in eBay for as much as $2,000), a hundred of them at the UNDFTD shop in Santa Monica, where L.A. Lakers’ megastar Kobe Bryant arrived in a DeLorean time machine to be greeted by hundred of fans, some of them camping outside for more than 24 hours.

Seriously, I’m a Back to the Future fan too, but what kind of obsessed fanboy can wait for more than 24 hours for a stupid piece of merchandise? Ah… hrmmm. OK, nevermind.


  • True Lakers Fan

    Kobe is the best!

  • lakerschamps08

    yup that was cool, but only if i got a pair… but the cars cool

  • matej

    who the hell cares

  • LD2k

    I think it’s pretty cool.

  • matej

    he should call posey

  • LD2k

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    Or fly back in time using that there car and bring back Magic ;)

  • Tim M.

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    dang, these dudes cant do anything non-gym related without you guys going off. I think it’s pretty cool to see. The whole hyperdunk project has a pretty ingenious marketing campaign.

  • DREW


  • e

    this has probably been the most open kobe has been for a while now…its great to see

  • iLakers

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    Kobe’s like willy wonka from the chocolate factory…haha

  • J Ryan

    That’s me driving Kobe in the time machine. I’m not even a huge basketball fan but he was super cool. An absolute gentleman.

    Great event, great sneaker, great guy!

    I only wish they would’ve let me friggin buy a pair. They’re not kidding about “limited release!”

    If anyone knows how to get some… size 11 please. :)

    J Ryan

  • uaesacks

    im a filipino but im here working in uae!this country s#cks.lebron has more shoes than kobe they dont even have the zk2 n zk3.i hope hyperdunk will be here and i dont care if i spend a lot of money!

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    i saw marty mcfly wear some nike’s in BTF 2 and i was thinking to myself where can i get those lol

  • Salty

    Why release them now and not in 2015?

  • r0biiin

    “Seriously, I’m a Back to the Future fan too, but what kind of obsessed fanboy can wait for more than 24 hours for a stupid piece of merchandise? Ah… hrmmm. OK, nevermind.”

    Sneakerheads bro… and it’s not stupid.

  • Nikko

    screw this crap! don’t get sucked into BS like this people

  • e

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    haha seriously

  • varsityoptimism

    ah SWEET power laces!


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  • lakrfan4life

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  • phaman

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    agree…i would spend $240 and wait 24 hours for those shoes…why you ask??…cuz a day later they’re selling up to 2k…cheapest ive seen was $600 and thats still with bidding time left…so its basically…would you wait in line for 24 hours to possibly get 2 grand?…i know i would…

  • Charles Barkley

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    i would too

  • Charles Barkley

    ah need to pay my casino debts

  • west213

    look at that guy wearing the BOSTON SUCKS T-SHIRT.

    Thats ma boyy…

  • ab4sure

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    Shut up Fat Azz… LOL… NOT U… But the real Barkley.. LOL

  • MiamiHeat

    Listen, Nike has to stop all this nonsense and bring out the “REAL” MCFLY’S, and NOT use LAME-OL’ KOBE to push them. Sorry but when was the last time Kobe won a championship??? He should hop back in that delorean, to the days he wore number 8, the real Kobe. Before he became an arrogant Prick! Now he thinks he’s ONE UP ON JORDAN by using Number 24……what a Loser.

  • danilo

    yup that was cool how much is on pair of shoes a the delorean