Kobe touches lives; great story from overseas

This is a pretty cool story about Kobe touching lives overseas.

groupStraits  Times: When Russel Low learnt that he would be meeting Kobe Bryant, he knew that he would not miss it for the world. Not even his O-level preliminary examinations would stop him from scoring that unforgettable moment with the basketball superstar. But little did he know what was in store for him on Wednesday.

During a coaching clinic for 20 youths, Bryant picked Russel to perform a lung-busting 17 sprints-a-minute workout, twice. But any strain he felt after completing the task was eased with a hug from the LA Lakers shooting guard. ‘That is one of my least favourite drills. But it was all worthwhile,’ beamed the 16-year-old.

Russel, who competed in the Asian Youth Games, also went home with a Bryant-autographed basketball.

It will sit proudly on his shelf, to remind him of one of the most memorable days of his life – the day he shared centre court with Bryant in front of an 8,500-strong crowd at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Inspiring youths and touching hearts was exactly what Bryant did on Wednesday.

From the moment he arrived at 10.51am at Changi Airport, he made an impression with his personable nature.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/YKLee13 Yoke Kuan

    From Straits Times, OUR LOCAL SINGAPORE NEWSPAPER!!!!! Thanks TLN! Better yet, THANK YOU KOBE for making this opportunity possible! =D

  • Jive Talking Turkey

    Where is Lamar Odom? Will he finally sign with the Lakers? That’s what I’m interested in. Come on Lamar, let’s stop being selfish and sign on the dotted line. Greed is foolish.

  • http://www.luxmo.com richsun247

    Kobe still doing work!!

  • imfasterthanur

    I think fans in America can learn a thing or two about respecting living legends like Kobe.

    With reporters like Bill Simmons and other anti-Kobe representatives, it is a shame that critics will not appreciate Kobe until he is long retired. He is a once-in-a generation type of player, which may be an understatement, and I’m glad that fans in Asia show him the respect that he deserves.

    It seems like American media fails to brainwash basketball fans outside of American boundaries — I.E. Lebron Jame’s AHEM. Either that, or fans in Asia simply know the technicalities of basketball and are not fooled by the flash and hype of LBJ.

    Big props to sports Fans in Asia for living in the present and respecting unique talent when they see it. Go Kobe

  • ricky

    [Comment ID #81238 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Amen to that! Kobe is the best and truly is a once in a generation type player. Don’t get me wrong, LBJ is fantastic, but Kobe overall skill set, work ethic, and assassin’s mentality is one of a kind! Never will anyone find another player as great as he is in the future.

  • http://57.amklac kobe,bi-curious?

    just think if he had any type of education!!

  • lakerman1

    He is educated in Basketball that’s what makes him who he is. He graduated High School’ not everyone has accomplished that. A degree is earned for the same reason to make your mark Finacially or otherwise in this World. Just another put down in my opinion.