Love it. This is why we got Ron!

O.C. Register: Bryant looked at Artest in the locker room and recounted the start of the game, when the Lakers and Celtics were already jostling and trash-talking in the jump circle before tipoff. Artest got the ball in the post on the first play and was fouled hard by Boston’s Paul Pierce — at which point Artest struck the sort of wide-eyed, menacing pose very few non-institutionalized people can.

He stared and seemingly braced himself to fight. Bryant told Artest he noticed the Celtics’ reaction at that precise moment: “They didn’t want any part of this crazy (expletive). I’m telling you. I saw it.”

There’s very little Bryant wants more for this Lakers team than Bynum not backing down from contact and Artest being an effectively “crazy (expletive).” Bear in mind that after the Lakers began this trip with a loss in Cleveland, Bryant questioned the toughness of his teammates and looked forward to seeing something different in Boston.

It’s expected Bryant will overcome injuries and hit winning jumpers. His will was the backbone of the Lakers’ 2008-09 NBA championship team. But when you wondered what could be better for the Lakers in 2009-10, the primary possibilities were two: Bynum’s improvement and Artest’s addition.

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  • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

    Artest>Ariza. Simple as that. You wanted a tough Ron, he showed it. He made Pierce a non factor and thats what we need from him.

  • bernzter


    That must have been in the mind of Pawned Pierced when he whacked Ron…

    Sorry sir… I won’t do that again… Hehehe… It was priceless!!!

    Go Lakers!!!

  • Randy’s Donuts

    This is the Artest the Lakers signed up for. Artest needs to bring back that Indiana Pacers thug mentality which showed in todays game. Keep it up Ron!

    • lakerman1

      Agreed. Ron is not Ron when he is passive. We need him to be the fierce competitor that he is and as Lakers Fans need to accept what a player brings instead of asking him to change to our liking or afraid he will mess up the team chemistry. ( there was no bigger loon in the NBA then Rodman and look how he helped Chicago it was that maniacal edge ) This also applies to Pau’ he’s a skilled finesse player who immediately changed the dynamics of the team when he was acquired. He is what he is.

  • Trem

    Love it.

  • ricky

    “I was in my position and he tried to put his leg over my position,” Artest said. “But if you’re not strong enough, you shouldn’t be fighting with me. If you really can’t match my strength then why even try to pick a fight? Why even try to tussle? I was on the white line and you cannot cross my line. I’m so stubborn anyway, you know I’m not going to let you do that.” ……….. damn ” D-ART” your the man!!!! LET’s GO LAKERSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://TheLakersNation Marwan..

      LOL, man Artest showing some more toughness. We need that! He pissed off Pierce and that resulted in 2 quick fouls. Good work RON!

  • drive-for-16th


  • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

    ron”5150″artest.thats what we wanted out of him,steals,defence,rebounds, scoring consistancy.three ball an all

  • http://57.amklac HE`S HURT AGAIN?

    since bynum and gasoft only have one nut between them ,artest and his ghetto crap is much needed for any respect around the league.

    • lakerman1

      Where are the other two in your mouth.

  • b_ball_river

    lol… did anybody read ron’s post game comments…. the funniest thing ever!!! That dude is crazy for real and I love every second of it!

  • gugy

    Artest deserves lots of credit for his games yesterday.

    PP and Garnett were bulling him and he maintained his composure and responded when it matters most at the end of the game making a crucial basket and PP making him a foul.

    Great job!
    I love Ariza but I think Artest is the key guy once the playoff starts. He brings a lot of toughness and D to our team, we really need that. I just hope he can get rid of his injuries and be healthy.

  • http://57.amklac HE`S HURT AGAIN?

    your mom and littl;e sisters enjoying them. light weight.

    • lakerman1

      Only a punk ass sissy would bring someone’s family in this trick. My Mother passed away with diabetes. I would beat the Fuck out of you for that comment boy. Be a man keep it between you and me.

  • xtro

    defense is offense. way to go ron-ron!

  • willmo

    Ron getting in Pierce’s head at the start of the game was key. The so called “truth” was 4-11 and a non factor when it mattered. Andrew Bynum showed again why we cannot trade him since we might face these chumps or the Cavs in the finals. The only knock on yesterday’s game is the simple fact that they need to upgrade and bring in a guy that can guard the Rondo’s, Parker’s and Chris Paul’s of the league. kb24 can’t guard them all the time. AMMO and Sasha for Hindrich. I want boston in the finals….. it’s true that you don’t win a title in januay, but the lakers are starting to gel now. the cavs have been the only injury-free team until now, so we’ll see how they handle it like the Lakers have.

  • http://57.amklac HE`S HURT AGAIN?

    raiderman1,you really are a retard which is a perfect fit to be a smiling,drooling, happy laker fan….GO LEBRONZE…FACE OF THE NBA.

    • lakerbunny


      • http://lakersnation showtime4eva

        yea lepunk looks just like his puppet,silly looking futher fucker huh?stupid dancing fooo!dudes a joke

    • Goldenloxs

      LeBrag is not the face of the NBA. His head is big enuff to block out all the other faces tho'. If LeBrag had as much coverage as KB does during a game then you knuck-knucks would see what really up.

  • TheLakerGenera11

    I don’t know what they’re(LA) gonna do to upgrade the bench bc their issues are masked with each win but I do know the way artest wanted to show the celtics that these lakers won’t be pushed around is gr8t 2 watch Tony Allen BS vollyball throw @ Luke KG floping Perkins I think his name is pouting and grunting all of them they’re all lame and Paul pierce pushs off just like kobe does so that bi*ch doc rivers needs to stfu let’s go LA let’s keep building a championship team!!!!!

  • Robert

    Yeah, this was ‘the reason’ we got Artest. Congratulations to ‘us’! Too bad that Artest doesn’t get a chance to ‘lose it’ in the Finals against the Celdicks, cause they ain’t gonna make it there.
    Ron-Ron has to figure out how to stop LeQuack in the Finals.