Great news alongside his new Lakers extension – he will play for team USA this summer!

Yahoo! Sports: Team USA’s oldest and youngest stars – the Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kevin Durant – are committed to playing this summer. As one source said, “Kobe will probably take inventory on his body at the end of the season,” but he is planning to play.

  • lostinla

    its nice that he can`t let some younger,fresher , players get a chance….will he be playing injured?

  • Ronin99

    Hmmmnn…I don't know about this. May be Kobe should sit it out and recover from his injuries and rest?

  • trippleocho

    Kobe should just rest this summer. He is not getting any younger and his injuries have affected him this season. So he needs to just rest up and show up next season healthier.