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The Lakers fell to the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday night, and it was the first time the Lakers faced the Thunder with recently acquired Center Kendrick Perkins.

With about five minutes left in the game, Bryant and Perkins got tangled up. Bryant would shove Perkins away, and they were both hit with technical fouls.

Later on in the game, a interesting moment happened courtesy the LA Times. Kobe had a few words for Perkins as he was shooting free throws with 14.1 seconds left..

Here is Perkins recollection of the conversation:

“He just asked me if we were happy about this win,” Perkins said. “My reply was, ‘We’re happy about every win. Yeah, we are happy about the win and we are going to be happy if we win tomorrow.’ So who’s not happy after a win? But you know, it’s Kobe being Kobe.”

It seems as if Kobe was trying to put a regular season win in perspective.

  • Russh124

    I bet that made perkins think “what have we done, this is not good”

  • rondo

    Perkins got punked by Bynum that ball to his chest was a seed Bynum planted in his head. Telling this Punk( I am not PAU)

  • bbz62

    i really didnt like how bynum just stood there and watched when kobe got tangled up with perkins.

    • LakerMarc

      There isnt a close friendship netween Bynum and Bryant, Too much history, too much said, and lots of it Kobe’s FAULT.

      • lakers

        thats all the past, there not that close but there still pretty good friends

    • John

      why should he risk getting an ejection before they play the spurs think a little and kobe can handle him self he doesn’t need anyone standing up for him

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    I think the WCF will be OKC vs. Lakers.
    Perkins will regret everything that he said about the Lakers then. Mark my words.

    • lakerman34

      Assuming OKC can beat a redhot Denver team, and then beat the Spurs. If OKC gets the 3rd seed, we’ll have to face them 2nd rd.

  • xtro

    perk planted the seed. it’s on now when kobe told that mofo if he’s happy with a REGULAR season win.

  • Al

    To me, it’s a read between the lines question. We gave you this game, cherish it cuz the playoffs is a different story. With the bottom half of the bracket separated by 1/2 or 1 game. The lakers are positioning themselves no matter what anybody says. Playing the bracket game is not being a coward it increases chances. The Hornets would be the best case scenario for the Lakers to save as much energy as possible.

  • MagicJ32

    MagicJ32 to Kobe: “You happy with this lose?” Because I’m not!

  • Leo

    As much as I hate Perkins, I think he is the one looking better in this exchange. Of course you should be happy to win each game you can.

    • andy

      kobe basically told him: we can afford this game and you cant

  • Nick

    Bynum is what we call in New England…. Big 4 nothing, a giant who couldn’t do shit if he wanted to. Its known throughout the NBA that Perkins is 1 guy that u don’t wanna fuck with. Kobe was lucky the refs stepped in he woulda been tied in a fuckin knot

    • Drew

      Bynum – 12 points, 13 rebounds, 2 blocks
      Perkins – 2 points, 5 rebounds, 1 block

      Perkins is good and all, and it is known in the NBA that he is “tough” but he does not have a reputation that hes someone you dont want to mess with. What has he ever done?

    • NoDefense

      If Andrew played for Oklahoma Thunder he would be a starter,if perkins played for the Lakers he would be a backup. The real scary part is this beast is only 23 yrs old.

  • Kings of the West

    lmfao hell yeah kobe. I bet Perk is like “Oh Shit, I don’t want to play kobe in the playoffs”

  • Porkins

    Lol perk has to be one of the dumbest morons ever to step foot in an NBA arena….You do NOT piss of Kobe Bryant….This guy is absolutely stupid and i still see that he’s still a total piece of crap even with leaving weed town boston.

  • Stephen

    Well, Porkins, that’s what happens when you become a celtic, you get brain washed into being a cocky arrogant sore loser and say shit that doesn’t even make sense.