For those who don’t know, Kobe will be launching his new shoe via webcast this afternoon.

Kobe Bryant Webcast Details

When: Thursday, December 11, 4:00 P.M. ET/ 1:00 P.M. PT (Kobe to debut the shoe on Friday, Dec. 19 against the Miami Heat)

What: An interactive webcast introduction of the Zoom Kobe IV; Consumers and Kobe can discuss the design innovation behind the new and unconventional Zoom Kobe 4 as it is unveiled publicly for the first time.

Who: Basketball star Kobe Bryant; Fans will also have the opportunity to submit questions for Kobe during the webcast.

Please log on at the link below (feel free to create a hyperlink that masks the long code) to take part the launch of the Zoom Kobe IV.

Link to Kobe Webcast

  • VidA

    NICE !!!!


    They are sick but low tops???????……. I pray for no ankle injuries to you happen KOBE!!!!!!!

  • Flobe24

    I think the shoe looks great. I can’t wait to try a pair on the court.

  • Kobe8>24

    can’t play in those. too risky..

  • Robert

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    well regardless Kobe is playing like and injured man right now anyway so what difference does it make…and if all you people dont vote for Pau Gasol to be the all-star to come out of the Lakers this season then you people are all blind…

    Sorry but kobe is done!!!

  • lakerferlife7

    wtf…..kobe is done??????

  • Avatar

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    Glad to see we have some faith in our players……..


    [Comment ID #56621 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Seriously man WTF KOBE is done??????? What are you talking about???????

  • sketch

    they are horrible! there’s no cohesiveness in the design at all! it looks like that the designer took 3 pairs of shoes and combined it in 1, like FRANKENSTEIN!

    the front portion looks like the updated version of an Air Force 1, the side of the shoe looks like the Hyperdunks, and especially on the black pair…the grids look like a graphic representation of this kobe zoom 3’s spider webbing.

    i know that the designer has to work with kobe himself and take his inputs in the design of the shoe, but he’s ultimately responsible for the final product. i’m an artist in the animation industry and i have to deal with directors’ while designing for them. you take their likes and dislikes and you come up with your design! if it’s bad, you take the blame so i always end up only putting in the inputs that i agree with into the designs and leave out the bad. once they see the result, they typically forget the other stuff that they had wanted that would have resulted in a bad design.

    now, i don’t know if it’s kobe with bad taste or a horrible sense of design…but i place the blame on the designer!