I noticed an interesting tidbit. Kobe to Detroit rumors and what package was discussed:

Det. News: The buzz was the Pistons would part with Richard Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Amir Johnson and/or a first round pick for Bryant, arguably the best player in the NBA.

“Yeah, I heard that, too
,” Chauncey Billups said before the Pistons beat the Wizards, 104-85, at The Palace Wednesday night…

  • kyler_hay

    Kobe wnt get traded

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    Not yet at least.

    I think we’ll be safe for this season. :)

  • MILO


  • osm0nd

    If preseason Kobe shows up during the regular season.. I’d take that trade in a heartbeat. Both would fit the triangle very well (RIP and Prince), and both are great defenders.

  • kyler_hay

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    i think hes a Laker 4 life


    Do that yesterday.

  • MILO

    This is begining to sound like that Kenny Lofton comercial (baseball)

  • http://hzmdesigns.com hZm

    Kobe for Rip/Prince/Johnson might not be such a bad deal. It could be the best offer we can get. Personally, I would try to throw in a 3rd team and not have to take on Amir Johnson. Too raw.

  • lakerfan81

    I think this is actually the best deal that has been proposed for Kobe so far. Id like to get Stuckey too but we already have too many PGs and his hand is broken. But maybe he can be thrown in to a third team for a nother draft pick and an small expiring contract.

  • kb24 4life

    no way!!!

  • osm0nd

    Just thinking about it again.. we’d have a strong starting 5.


  • lakers4life

    this probably the best deal we can get

  • Shaq786

    LAL trades: Kobe, Maurice, Kwame, Farmar, ’08 first round pick, ’10 first round pick, and Cook
    LAL Receives: Gerald, J-rich, Baron davis, and rodney stuckey

    DET trades: Rip, prince, amir johnson, ’08 second round pick, and rodney stuckey
    DET Receives: Kobe, Maurice, and Cook

    CHAR trades: Gerald, J-rich, and walter herrmann
    CHAR Receives: Rip, prince, and ’08 second round pick

    GSW trades: Baron Davis
    GSW recieves: Kwame, Farmar, ’08 first round pick, ’10 first round pick, and Amir Johnson


    Line Up:


  • lakerluv

    Rip cant where the mask in LA though

  • lakers4life

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