Kobe wants to be more aggressive offensively… ok ok, no 81 jokes here… but seriously, I hope to god the Raptors are ready for him…

Locker Talk: It’s bad news for an opposing team when Kobe Bryant says he’s going to be more aggressive.

It’s really bad news if you’re the Toronto Raptors.

Bryant said he will be more aggressive offensively to prevent the scenario that unfolded Sunday, when Sacramento’s incessant double teams limited him to two field goals in the fourth quarter and the Lakers failed to make the Kings pay from other areas of the floor.

That doesn’t necessarily mean Bryant will go 1-on-5, though.

“I’ll start looking to be a little bit more aggressive offensively and making teams really have to adjust a little bit more and commit a little bit more,” Bryant said.

“Right now they’re trying to play half-and-half: Half of me and half of our man so they can close out the shooters. I’ll make them pay a little bit and make them re-commit and give our other shooters more of a look.”

Toronto, the Lakers’ next opponent on Tuesday, knows all too well about Bryant’s aggressiveness…

  • lakerz

    aw, i had an 81 point joke in my head already

  • Devean George

    Man when Kobe says he’s gonna be more aggresive, that is scary, but I remember in practice one time he said he was gonna be real aggresive with me and I remember him dunking on me and putting his nutz on my chin….

    then Fish happen to get a picture of it and he put it on myspace… i was really mad at fish for four days… but then happy cuz I can say kobe’s nutz were on my face…

  • e

    kobe said he’ll be aggressive?

    hahahaha…watch out raptors

  • Phant0M

    [Comment ID #29023 Will Be Quoted Here]

    LMFAO Shut Up/.1

  • dcb2069

    sucks to be toronto right now.

  • Lakers4Life

    We are gonna win by 20+ tomorrow, no doubt. We might give them some cheezy points in the last 2 minutes though. Watch.

  • ZenMaster23

    Hopefully the whole team will be more agressive as a whole. I think this is good though since Kobe sets the tone for everyone else.

    Now I just hope the team will backup their words and kick some ass tonight.

    We need to be ready and firing on all cylinders going into the Houston game on Sunday.

  • daboss1848

    When KB says he’ll be more aggressive, not only does that mean bad news for the opposite team, it also means bad news for the Lakers.

    KB being more aggressive means the Lakers (you know those 4 other players who share the court with him) are out of sync – which then results in a .500 ballclub.

    I’m hoping he means aggressive – in terms of facilitator, not just scoring.


    AGGRESSIVE? How aggressive do want the NO.#3 SG of all time to be? I mean does this guy have to grow fangs and start biting people(Sorry Tyson).KB’s been aggressive since he’s been a Laker,CASE CLOSED!

  • Phant0M

    Whose #2?^