Kobe is set to do some marketing for the city of Los Angeles along with other celebs…

MSNBC: Actor Tom Hanks, Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant and reality television actress Lauren Conrad are a few of the familiar faces appearing in a series of new advertising spots unveiled Friday as part of the “That’s So LA” tourism campaign.

The $2 million marketing campaign will initially target 21 million Southern California residents who travel to Los Angeles…

  • freakincrod

    God I hate Lauren Conrad so much. What has she done to earn celebrity status? Go to school, eat dinner, go to some parties? Give me a break.

  • dom1020

    My only competition is in the mirror

  • sketch

    [Comment ID #58111 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i feel you on that! wtf! how the hell did all these “reality” show biatches become celebs? let’s pick all those fools up, drop them off in some ghetto and let’s see “reality” set in! and it’s all these stupid ass teeny boppers that watch this $hit that keeps these damned things on the air!

    yo MTV, Fox, CBS, ABC, NBC, and all you cable channels out there…stop being so damned lazy and get off of your asses and “produce” some “real” t.v. shows. fcuk all these “reality” bull$hit! some good $hit that has content, story, acting, and intrigue. like first seasons ALIAS and LOST.

    jj abrams starts off great, but teeters off after the first season. Lost is getting more interesting again though, i’ll give him that, but jj, your cloverfield sucked ass! you didn’t explain $hit! how fcukin convenient! the only thing that you did right in the movie was to cast Oddette Yustman! she’s a fcukin hottie y’all! so damned cute!

    ODDETTE YUSTMAN! look her up fellas!

  • Monica