It shouldn’t surprise us anymore, but it still definitely does.

Kobe has tied Patrick Ewing for 15th on the NBA’s all-time scoring list with 24,815 points. We are lucky to witness one of the all time greats continue to define his legacy and put his mark on the league as one of the deadliest scorers in NBA history every day.

As you can see, he is pursuing the Lakers legend Jerry West for spot #14, up next.

14 Jerry West 25,192
15 Kobe Bryant 24,815
15 Patrick Ewing 24,815
  • Kid Kaos 310


  • Chris Manning

    We are truly blessed to have him here in Los Angeles.

  • Trem

    ^ Second that brother

  • Kobe The Mythical Being

    Yeah! He’s truly great… a myth… he’s been a blessing for all of us true-blooded laker fans…

    • WifelovesLuke

      Not a myth……REALITY, brother!

      1-2-3 Ring!

      The cool thing about all those points is that I saw the first two when he came into the league. Man I’m old!


    That is friggin amazing! Kobe’s only 377 points behind Jerry West and depending on whether or not Kobe’s gonna go on a scoring tear, he’ll get there anywhere from 10-15 games. Unless he decides to pull another 81 point game 5 straight times.

    The Mamba is simply amazing! There’s the news that LeHype is the youngest player to reach 14,000 points. That is an incredible feat, but if LeBrick had the same constraints that Kobe had with Shaq being the “MDE” on his team then he’d be way further behind. Kobe’s always had to temper his game because of the Big Baby, while LeCrap was handed a team and he can do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted. Very different scenarios!

    GO KOBE!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO LAKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • 15xnba champs

    Words cant describe Kobe Bryant , he’s simply the best in the game. 4x NBA champ, 81 points career high and second in the list next to Wilt Chamberlian’s 100 point game. The Lakers are so fortunate to have a franchise player every decade. Jerry West and Elgin Baylor in the 60’s. Kareem Abdul Jubar in the 70’s. Magic Johnson and Byron Scott in the 80’s – mid 90’s and Kobe Bryant and company in the 2000’s . Glad to be a Laker fan and a true on . Lets get championship 16 Lakers !

  • Robert

    Snickers commercial:
    Kobe, chewing snickers: Hey Patrick
    Patrick Ewing: Hey Kobe
    Ewing has the ball, jumps up to make a slam dunk, Kobe blocks the shot with one hand (other holding the Snickers bar, while chewing on it).
    Kobe switches the snickers bar to the other hand (right hand), does a post up move (thanks, Hakeem O.!), spins, jumps, then slams with his left hand — breaking the glass all over Ewing.
    Kobe says: “Hey, Patrick Chewing – why don’t you go play 1-on-1 with Ryan” …. “and who the hell is Ryan anyway?”