Kobe is finally getting the respect he deserves.

L.A. Times: Lakers guard Kobe Bryant is tied with golfer Tiger Woods as the favorite American Sports star, according to the findings of a Harris Interactive poll released Tuesday.

The poll results reveal more about the fickle nature of sports fans than it really shows about the player himself. LeBron James dropped from third to sixth after facing nearly universal criticism by announcing his decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers for the Miami Heat in an hour-long special on ESPN. Woods dropped in popularity after reports surfaced about numerous affairs preceded his struggles on the course. And Bryant jumped from four to a first-place tie after winning his fifth NBA title.


    thanks LeBron

    • http://www.myspace.com/626bones Lakers 24 7

      Thanks LeBron..and thanks Tiger for fuckin’ multiple women and getting caught.

      • riorondoisafaggot

        hahahahhaah fckin hilarious

      • R T

        see where cheating on your wife could get you…top two most liked athletes in the world

  • Westcoast B!tch

    All an athlete has to do is keep his fucccin mouth shut, don’t do stupid sh!!!t, and just win games and championships, people will love you! That’s exactly what Kobe has done the past 2 years.

    • riorondoisafaggot

      that is so veryyy true. when kobe talks, you could sense his arrogance and confidence but he never goes too far like lebron

  • Showtime4eva

    It’s only right people recognize kobes classy play. Without having to dance like a clown. His play is flashy an will stand the test of time. He’s the best athlete. With the best organization.

  • http://www.kevinsmoore.com Moorepower310

    i give it one more year and then Kobe will pass him up. No disrespect to Tiger.

  • Lakers_The_Truth

    Well 3 things.
    Kobe stayed quiet and won rings.
    Tiger is playing horrible golf and cheating his wife was the worst PR he could get.
    Lebron is just LeChoke and showed it on national TV.

  • 2010 back-toback champs

    Now kobe finally has what he deserve a recognition of his art work

  • Lakers4life

    Way to go Kobe. It’s about time everyone figured it out. You are the guy! Sad for LeBron — he may have talent, but he has no confidence, courage or balls! He has to use other superstars to get a ring, that no one will respect. He needs to trade in his advisors.

  • Junya10

    From popular to POLARIZING to popular AGAIN. The MEDIA is a bitch that can’t make up it’s mind!
    Long live KOBE and THE LAKERS!!!

  • Sir

    Tied for first with TIGER WOODS!??? > : |

  • NBAmazingKB24

    So where is Queen James on the list?
    Wait is he even on the list?
    I doubt it…

  • piz

    LeBron went from 3rd to 9th. This was before the whole LeBron “Decision” thing took place. LeBron must have taken a further nose dive after that debacle.

  • http://57.amklac laffs atu

    yeah, its so great watching brytank miss all those clutc shots….tigers a watabe jack.

  • http://www.myspace.com/guszo gus26

    this pole was from like 2000 or so people… hardly all of america… i want stupid espn to put a pole up but they haven’t they act like lebron is still THE MAN even after THE MAN (mj) said he wasn’t, instead of taking jordan’s side they actually took shots at him…

    • PRLaker

      Im sick and tired of people just handing lebron the “face of the league” title, what the fuck has he done, that punk ass bitch!!!!!

    • Eidraq

      there actually was a poll

      espn put out one between kobe and lebron asking which one was the better player, the results were actually pretty shocking..

      kobe 80 lebron 20

  • letsGOlakers!

    this is really good, hes finally appreciated for all that hard work but the only thing is now people r just gonna say “hes overated blah blah blah”