Should we just stop all this Lebron vs. Wade vs. Kobe  MVP mombo jombo or should we obey the great Mamba and stop these silly discussions ’til, umm… Friday? Sound-off!

Sports Radio Interview: Kobe was asked who’s the MVP of the NBA this year:

“Ah, dude, that’s like an endless debate. I hear so many people come up with different criteria, mathematical formulas and data. It’s so silly to me. I don’t know.”

  • Chris Ekstedt

    i honestly love kobe and the lakers. we have a deep team. and i think lebron has a deep team too. dwayne wade on the other hand… you got to give him some serious consideration. he doesn’t have any type of team like kobe and lebron and he is making them winners. i know wade won’t get it, but seriously it should go to him.

    now…. GO LAKERS!!!

  • Sopi

    kobe doesnt know whos the mvp cause he think hes the one lol