Kobe: “The series ain’t over…”

ESPN: With the same purpose as one of his in-your-face jumpers, Kobe Bryant leaned into the microphone.

He promised more NBA Finals games to come.

“The series ain’t over,” he said. “It’s far from over.”

Faced with long odds, Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers returned to the practice floor Saturday for the first time since Game 4, when the Boston Celtics stormed back from a 24-point deficit to win and take a 3-1 lead in this reborn rivalry.

The Lakers have run out of time and tomorrows. It’s either win Game 5 on Sunday or pack away the sneakers for summer.

No team has ever come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals, and even if the Lakers can stave off elimination and win at Staples Center, they’ll have to play Games 6 and 7 in Boston, where the Celtics are 12-1 this postseason. Since the league switched to the much-debated 2-3-2 format in 1985, no team has won the last two games on the road.

Their climb is a steep one, and if the Lakers have any chance of mounting a comeback, Bryant, the league’s MVP and the game’s most transcendent player, most criticized personality and most unstoppable force, must be the one to lead them.

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  • DingleBerry

    kobe for 50 and a win in game 5 series over in 6. great season lakers…

  • http://www.myspace.com/orionis deus_ex

    24 hours a day, one day at a time, one game at a time.

  • http://lakers.com k0be da 1 andonly

    IT aint as bad as people are makin it seem….
    we need 1 game to make it 3-2..not bad, then one more
    and its 3 to 3!! and then its game seven baby
    WHO’s WITH ME!!!!!

  • Michael24



    im with you bruh! go lakers we are gonna beat them badly in game 5 then we take over in game 6 and game 7 idk but it wont end in 5 !

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #39909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Typical kobeonly fan. Go to kobenation dot com.

  • mfoznot

    All week my “friends” have been giving me sh1t about the celtics and how “they’re going to win on Sunday and even if they don’t the Lakers are down three games and can’t come back.” And it got me to thinking. And I told them two things, one, they are all bandwagoneers. And two, that no matter what, I believe that the Lakers have a chance. Call it delusion, denial, whatever, but I will always believe that my team, our team, can do it. Even if they lose tomorrow, I will still believe that they could have done. Maybe I might blame the refs sometimes, or the coaches, or defer to one or two stupid plays, but in the long run it doesn’t matter. Because I will always believe in the Lakers and I will never stop believing in them, long after Kobe and Lamar and Phil and whoever else comes next because I am a fan of the Lakers.

  • kPoAbUe

    its simple LAKERS IN 7 u dont believe then get the fk outta here

  • Lakers Galore


  • http://lakers.com laker_aint_over

    SERIES IS NOT OVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LAKERS IN 7….KOBE24 ODOM7= 24/7 24 hrs a day 7 days a wk

    ““Fear that you’ve come this far, and it can all end. The dream can die. But me? I like the fear. It means I’m close. It means: “I’m ready by KB


  • Remy

    [Comment ID #39911 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i’m with you!!!
    we just gotta take it one game at a time
    win game 5 and make it 3-2
    come out game 6 like we did against the jazz at game 6 with the same aggression and same attack mode in game 3 and 4 but protect the lead

    and bust out all of your heart in game 7!!!

  • Believe-in-comebacks

    Lakers Fans..have faith..and believe. We’re still at home. And for those of you that are going to the game, and you don’t see of you fellow “Laker Fans” supporting them, get on them…tell them to cheer. In my opinion, I personally thought that our fans could have done a little more in GMs 3 & 4 to cheer on the Lakers. C’mon we gotta bring the energy at Staples. The more noise/support we make, the more our Lakers will feed off the energy. I in GMs 1 & 2 the fans at TD North Garden, the fans were reallyed hyped and crazy. You can tell the Celtics were feeling the electricty and adrenaline run through their veins; using it their advantage. So again, I know you guys will be rootin like crazy, make sure the people sittin next to you bring it too. wish I could be there, as I just moved to TX recently, but I will cheering and supporting my Lakes.
    One game at a time…we can do it! Believe!

  • Daryl Imhoff

    Kenny Smith has been on a team that has come back from down 3-1. His advice is that you have to be delusional to some extent and know you can win it all. I believe that if any team is capable of coming back and winning in this situation in the finals it is this Laker team. Just believe!!! We as Laker fans have to believe. Just win on Sunday! Nothing else matters. Tuesday and Thursday’s games are not a matter of concern. Winning 3 in a row is not a concern. Just Sunday! How much fun will it be to win the Championship in this situation. Boston fans saw a team of theirs come form 3-0 to win for the first time. I know LA can do this. There is a certain beauty for LA to hang a comeback of this magnitude on Boston. Win Sunday, and Boston starts to get nervous. Once the Lakers win on Sunday Tuesday becomes a reality. One CHOP at a Time.

  • Believe-in-comebacks

    Addendum to my comment above. Lakers Fans take a look at Plashke’s article on how we need to bring it at staples:


    So my fellow LAKERS fans, guess what happened to me like 5 minutes ago?
    So I ordered a Lakers western conference champs t-shirt like a week ago and I just opened it and a fu(king boston eastern conference champs t-shirt is in the package?
    I’m pissed
    idk if this is a joke or what but im pissed


  • lakerschamps08

    yea hell yea if kobe says it its over for the celtics.. kg pissed off kobe too bad he could be a man and call out kobe in the start of the series.. but dont matter we will next 3 games….
    go lakers

  • maccassedy

    lol at KOBESno1FAN dat sucks lol

  • PornPierce34

    game 5 kobe 62 pts lakers win
    game 6 kobe 65 pts lakers win
    game 7 kobe 81 pts lakers win

  • Thomas

    I desparatley want the Lakers to win this series, one because i don’t have fifty bucks right now and two im a loyal laker fan and want the best for my team. With the MVP and the greatest player in the game for the last six or seven years anything is possible. I’m just worried about the Bench Mob. They are virtually non-existant in the Finals. What happened…and why did Phil go with the lineup the way he did last game, No DFish in the last two and a half minutes?? What defencive stratagy has Phil come up with for stopping the big three that he has been hiding for the last four games?? And finally, where has Pau Gasol gone?? He was kind of alive in games three and four but not enough to make a difference. If the Lakers can answer these questions and go into Boston and win game six then we have a chance, if not…see y’all next year and it was a pleasure. And I pray we don’t have as bad a summer as the last one…

  • bynumsrevenge

    he shud shutup its not gnna happen he shud of showd up game 4 hes just talk he needs to back it up with somethin

  • http://deleted berks24

    kobe for 50 and a win in game 5 series over in 6. great season lakers…
    Typical kobeonly fan. Go to kobenation dot com.
    where is it?are you a kobe hater?
    he’s the one you moron

  • Laaffiliation024

    kobe shirt is sick in this pic

  • joseph

    man! im gonna play game 4 all the time in my tivo… the fakers thought thay had this on the bag.. thought that this was a boston massacre in LA hahaha… during the first half sasha, walton and the rest of the bench we’re hugging and laughing with their 24 points lead but when its all said the celtics shut the staple and the fakers out the look on their faces was priceless…. fakers all the way baby!!!

    oh by the way this year the celts:
    were down by 22 and won the game against the spurs
    shutdown the rockets to halt their marvelous winning streak

    tell your bunnies pau ga-soft and lamar and sasha to trade places with your laker cheerleaders man! they are soft

    its over! na-na-na hey hey hey goodbye!!!

    celtics in 5 baby! booyah! hibachi style…

  • ab17

    [Comment ID #39915 Will Be Quoted Here]

    totally agree thats how ny cousin is.
    never was a celtics fan better yet a basketball fan
    and as soon as they started winning he jumped on that f u ck in bandwagon..i believe,We BELIEVE!pray, pray,pray for them.

  • PornPierce34

    [Comment ID #39935 Will Be Quoted Here]


  • Rinnegato

    Can’t sleep… gonna be at game 5 and i’m nervous. But now that Kobe made this statement, i’m pretty pumped and can at least get a few hours of sleep now. C’mon Lakers, lets do this!!! One quarter at a time!

  • billyboy

    i hope they will blow the crap outta boston tonight.

    120-80, kobe with 60 points.

    F*CK THE C’s

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #39909 Will Be Quoted Here]

    o ye of little faith! :|

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #39935 Will Be Quoted Here]

    why would anyone “think they had this ON the bag?” only idiots that wear douche bags over their mouths would “think they had this ON the bag!” if you’re going to correctly quote from the 1945 movie, IT’S IN THE BAG! :cool:

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #39932 Will Be Quoted Here]

    What an Idiot you are. You are also a dingleberry(look up the word becuz u don’t know what it means) People who follow only kobe aren’t Laker fans just like Dingleberry and yourself. This is Lakernation. Made for laker fans and not just one player. You obviously aren’t one berkshyt.


    For us to win this game(one game at a time),Ariza has to play MORE MINUTES!

  • http://www.hard-wood.org/?cat=34 Billy Kupchak

    [Comment ID #39988 Will Be Quoted Here]

    i agree with your suggestion, but not sure if PJ would feel/do the same :|

  • vintij

    [Comment ID #39918 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Lets not be stupid people okay. A win today is wishfull thinking, but the lakers in seven is a pipe dream. Stop forcing the issue and just allow the lakers to not be the best team this year. The celtics are just better, and next year with bynum protecting the paint, we wont have any problems at all with these chumps. But serious, give it up man. If you have hope, at this point, well you dont watch enough basketball and you are probably a bandwagoner because there is really no way the dominant celtics are going to collapse and brain freeze for 3 games, not only have they not lost 3 games in a row all season, but they havent lost 3 games in a row all playoffs either.

  • ab4sure

    [Comment ID #40001 Will Be Quoted Here]

    check your facts again Vintij i read they have lost 3 straight on a west coast swing this season.

  • bc18

    hate to say this, but i was REALLY suprised the lakers didnt lose today…However, since they won, i think they DO have a chance to get it to 7…i just have a feeling that today was a wake-up call