This is just halarious. Both Gasol and Kobe will be competing for their counrties in the 2008 World Olympics, but that didn’t stop Kobe from talking trash to Gasol and Spain on what Kobe plans to do to them when/if they meet up:

LockerTalk: This is what Bryant told Gasol: “Being that we lost this series, you (guys) have no chance at a gold medal. I ain’t goin’ 0 for 2, homie.”

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  • RD

    whew! when i first saw the title of this article i had flashbacks of the bynum vid! haha. this is cool though. a little friendly competion, between teamates.

  • 123KID

    just a good way to keep pau competitive and fired up until the season comes! instead of fully puttin him on blast like he did bynum, hez just throwin him a competitive friendly teammate punch! smart move mr. bryant! smart move!

  • ab17

    haha pau is soft

  • ab17

    thats what kobe was trying to say haha

  • kb24 4life

    heyy,, i heard the interwiew.. and kobe told pau:

    you fukers have no chance,, it was more funny, but i know you didnt posted that way because of the profanity… anyway,, i love to see this competition between 2 teammates.. xD

  • http://deleted berks24

    international are softy look what happen to the finals lakers united nation ran over and embarrassed by an all american and all black lakers make up your something do it now part 2

  • ab4sure

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    Do something and Do it Now Part One never worked.

  • daboss1849

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    Didn’t they almost win this year? So i guess “do something and do it now” almost worked perfectly. It motivated the young players and it brought in ariza and gasol.

  • ab4sure

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    I think you have fallen to the dark side. How many trades were made in response to that statement? None.. Ariza was obtained in the normal course of improving a team and not in response to the statement. Also, Gasol was pursued in earnest when Bynum went down per Mitch. Motivating the young players??… they had their workout plan for the summer even before Kobe’s statement (check bynum’s exit interview last yr). Only motivation maybe an extra windsprint or another set on the bench press. The FO listens but doesn’t necessarily acts when kobe wants them too… the one exception is when the player is a FA and is about the sign with another team then and only then he can do amazing things.. like ship a huge 350 lb creature to the shores of Miami. That was probably a good move. So maybe kobe is a good GM, u think???

  • ab4sure

    Your the false Daboss… not the real one. What a sorry azz you are that you have to steal somone else’s name.