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A lot of fans are debating whether Mike Brown is the fit for the Lakers head coaching position. Lost amidst all the discussions, Kobe was “surprised” by the Brown news.

The source close to the Lakers told that Lakers star Kobe Bryant was “surprised” by the news, and that he was not a part of the decision-making process. Bryant had been a staunch supporter of Lakers assistant Brian Shaw for the position and remains as such.

While Kobe’s support for Brian Shaw had been public; sources told ESPN’s Ric Bucher that Kobe was in favor of the Lakers hiring either Shaw, Adelman or Van Gundy. According to a source, Jeff Van Gundy had not been contacted by Lakers front office.

Shaw seemed to be the clear choice for the head coaching job as he not only played with Bryant, but learned under Phil. Either way, it will be interesting to see what direction the team goes in post-triangle era.

Should Kobe had played a role in coach hiring?

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  • Cecil

    Kobe is not the GM, if they decide not to include him in the talks then that’s their choice not Kobe’s. Also the coach was not this year’s problem or will be in the future. It’s the players who have found lucrative ventures elsewhere and did not put forth enough effort this year be it reality TV, Comedy Tours, extended seasons, summer Olympics or whatever. Maybe Brown can bring some new offensive/defensive schemes to the team. The Triangle has run its course, the Lakers need younger athletic players who can defend the pick & role, rotate quicker on defense, rebound for gosh sakes and run fast breaks in transition. A good point guard would also help if Kobe will let them run the offense. Other than that look for the same complacency from the old squad. Also the CBA should prove entertaining once all of the millionaires/billionaires decide how much to increase ticket prices so that they all get their fair share from the people who have the least.

  • Drew

    If the star player does not buy into a coach’s system, the team won’t. Kobe should not be part of the decision making, but he should at have been contacted before it was made official to get his OK on it.

    • Margarite

      The Owner don’t have to get a employee ok.

  • Wayne Bergeron

    The last time I checked, players play, coaches coach, and general managers/team executives hire coaches and sign the players. Kobe can’t even lead the team because that means having to accept responsibility when the team wins and loses (and we’ve seen how he throws his own teammates under the bus when the team loses).  So to think that he should have any input on the hiring of who the team’s coach is is straight up ridiculous.

    When you get a new boss at the fast food restaurant you work at, does the franchise owner ask you for your input?  No, he/she hires the person he/she thinks will get the best and/or desired results.
    (God, I can’t wait for Kobe Bryant to leave my beloved Lakers!)

    • Joshua Herrington

      He just stated he was surprised. Being surprised doesn’t have to be upset or in dissagreement. Honestly, if I hired someone would had the ability to determine the success of my franchise, I’d be very keen on knowing my most influential employee’s opinion on the matter. I wouldn’t ask someone who just started or even care if I did ask them, but a long-term employee: I’d like to hear what he or she has to say. And because he has failed in leading his team at teams that does not make his input invaluable. I agree that if Kobe is not included in the decision making process for coaches, Cecil, he shouldn’t try to, but he stated his opinion when asked. I’ve, at times, thrown Laker players under the bus when they lose. I’m not in Laker managment. Hell, I’m not even a Laker player, obviously, but I can’t account for a large majority of fans of the SPORT that I was surprised at the news.

    • Hallwalter1234

      Dude Shut Up

      • Margarite

        Stop telling people to shut up who the hell gave you the right to tell someone to shut up. He can say anything he wants if you don’t agree that too bad. Get over it.

        • Hallwalter1234

          You’re 2 emotional!

      • Wayne Bergeron

        You know what Hallwalter, you’re the very reason why I’ve stopped watching the Lakers with Kobe on it.  You ball wash Kobe and think that he has to have a “right” in picking who the next coach is going to be.  No employee has that right, unless the organization is employee owned.  Your ignorance is genuinely stupefying.

        Iamtheancedote’s comments were spot on.  Phil has frustrated and confounded Lakers fans with his coaching (or lack of it) at crucial moments in the game.  Mike Brown has shown himself to be an X & O coach who is actually going to put in defensive and offensive schemes when needed.  No more of this “give the ball to Kobe and see what he does crap.”  This Lakers team might actually be watchable and do something with a coach who is really coaching them a la Pat Riley.

        So to quote you Hallwalter, “Dude, shut up!”

        • Hallwalter1234

          No one cares that you stopped watching da LAKESHOW who needs you anyway fair weather fan!

          • Wayne Bergeron

            Yeah, I guess you could call me a fair weather fan if fair weather fans have been watching and supporting the Lakers since 1981.  By the way, a real fan criticizes and admonishes the team when needed.  Unlike you, I can be a Lakers fan while not being a Kobe ball washer.

            The only thing that you’ve posted that has made any sense was “Dude, shut up.”  I’ll leave you with those sage words.

    • Imtheancecdote

      I truly believe Mike Brown will surprise most of the skeptics in regards to his coaching abilities, but the players have to invest in his philosophies as they did Phil’s. I’m a hard-core fan off 10 + years, however; we all must remember who is responsible for the development of Labron’s game.
      Mike Brown took a Cleveland team from just another NBA franchise to a household name in a very short period. Although, Labron contributions in the team’s success are undeniably noted, let’s all remember that coach Brown was instrumental in orchestrating their playoff successes. Come on Laker nation think! “Who better to prepair the Lake-show for any hopes of containing Labron than than his ex-coach”. I love Phil, but how many times have we all yelled at the television saying why won’t you call a timeout, or why is Lamar not starting when he’s been got for the last 7 games or when he is 8-10 in only three minuets of play. People were opposed to Pat Riley’s introduction as head coach in the 80’s, and look how that team prevailed. Real fans are not opposed to change, we welcome it in hopes that we will prevail. Kobe and the team must accept humility and thrive in Mike’s new innovational strategies with openness. “Uno loc“

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  • Joseph

    Lakers should hired Shaw as head coach.He had demonstrated few years and learned experience under jackson ups and down.As a lakers family and beyond any knowledge shaw is the best candidate.He is young ,mature and defensive mind. To hire Mike Brown is not right choice.He did what he did in Claveland bit this is Laker and things are different or could ask Jame Worthy or Kareem, those who know the laker system, I don’t tkink as a fan MIke Brown can justify his abilities.

  • Yellow and Purple 4 Eva

    Don’t worry Kobe, you had a big part in helping Phil Jackson make his decision….you can feel proud about running one of the all time great coaches out of town.  Having fun watching the playoffs at home?  I can see it now, “Hey Luke, more meatloaf!!!!”

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