This is NOT good news. Maybe the ONE injury Kobe can’t play through…

O.C. Register: Kobe Bryant didn’t play in the fourth quarter Tuesday night in the Lakers’ loss to the Spurs after back spasms flared up in the first quarter.

Bryant still scored 16 points on 7-of-10 shooting and had three assists in 32 minutes. But after playing through a fractured index finger that continues to give him some problems, Bryant sat down for a chance because of the back.

Bryant headed to the locker room late in the first quarter with back spasms and re-emerged for the second quarter after getting his back loosened by core-strength specialist Alex McKechnie, one of the Lakers’ trainers. Bryant periodically showed signs of immobility and then seemed to stiffen up late in the third quarter.

  • drive-for-16th

    THis is exactly wat happened to the celtics last year, injuries are the biggest issue.

    • LakersMike31

      Yup. Extended playoff runs take their tolls on a team, eventually. And for Kobe and Pau, it’s worse b/c of their national team commitments. Injuries are gonna be an issue all year long. And get this. Pau may play this summer for Spain at the Worlds. And Kobe might play for the U.S. Let’s pray someone talks some sense into them…

  • Jack Y.

    Dang. Kobe shot 7/10 in first half. He was having a good game, then the spasms took over.

  • http://57.amklac MARWAN the ta

    you`de have to cut his arms off to keep him from jacking up 30 shots a night….nice leadership.

    • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

      Im pretty sure he had 10 shots? Where did you learn math from lil boy? I know they dont teach math in your mom’s basement but dayum son, learn some fucken math. Dungeons and dragons can wait, sucking Lebron can wait, well maybe that cant wait for you.

      You have to chop off your arms yet you will still give the best dam fellatio to Lebron “Imma let you finish, but you give Lebron the best fellatio of all time…”

    • http://57.amklac/ MARWAN the ta.

      i d`ont know the difference between sucking c0ck and leadership….he shot 7/10 and still stayed in the game with a severe back spasm to root his team on….that`s not leadershp at all.

  • http://TheLakersNation PWNED

    You’re right thats no leadership. Hes not setting an example, but instead he shouldve went to the bench and show them how to react to injuries, like lil pussies. Staying in the game makes the players think “Hey the captain is staying in after getting hurt, I should too” They all think like that. Maybe Lebron wont stay in the game, but Kobe does, thats one of the many things that seperate them on the court. That and the fact that Kobe has 4 rings over Lebron’s big fat 0.

  • onlyone laker fan in L.A.

    Kobe is a bad mama jamma
    The rest of these cowards need to see what he does.
    Pau la mar Ron step up .
    Bynum slam some fucking heads around.