PE: Kobe Bryant hates to admit it, but his strained left groin still is a problem.

Bryant, injured a week ago against Golden State, still was trying to measure his game Thursday night.

“It’s pretty frustrating,” he said. “I can’t explode to the basket like I want to. I’ve got to rely on my jump shot a lot more. That’s tough to get a lot of lift-off with it.”

Bryant, who finished 8 for 22 from the field for 21 points, was just 1 for 6 in the fourth quarter for two points.

The Lakers play tonight at Philadelphia, so there is no rest for him.

“I’m going to have to get into the gym early tomorrow and figure out how I’m going to shoot through this thing,” Bryant said.

  • keep24

    The kid has heart …

    You’ll figure out a way KB.

  • nyla

    I’d limit his minutes a lot tonight. He’s struggling.

  • SliqRiq

    Good point Nyla, if they dont need him tonight dont play him at all

  • ab4sure

    they could have won without him. How long is this injury going to linger because Kobe keeps playing on it???

  • MILO

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    i think it’s just an excuse for his poor playing

  • myriam

    He only wants the best for his team like playing with injury. You can see feel n see his determination to win every game. A real warrior. I don’t find d injury an excuse, let’s face it our team doesn’t have the consistency in playing. Instead of concentrating on Kobe’s injury why don’t we look at the other players performance. Just take a look at tell me our team can win without KOBE>

  • http://deleted JBMONKEYMAN

    this has been my major concern about our team since the moment he got hurt. This injury is not going to heal without rest, may not even heal until the summer. We can beat alot of teams without a 100 percent Kobe, but we cant compete against the top 5 in the west without a healthy kobe.

  • Jcritt.=star

    Come on phil, give crittenton some time