Kobe Bryant has made many appearances in music videos throughout his career. Whether its been rapping on a Brian McKnight track, or simply being seen in a locker room in Destiny Child’s music video “Bug a Boo”

Jay Chou is a Chinese pop star who asked for Bryant’s services in his latest music video. Bryant, doesn’t rap necessarily in this one, but he does say a few words on the chorus.

If my counting is right, Bryant, Artest, Matt Barnes, and Shannon Brown have all made appearances in music videos this season.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez I Getty Images
  • http://www.kaley-cuoco.info Kaley Cuoco Insider

    lol… I tweeted you the link to show you that Kobe must have got paid a lot to be a part of a lame production… not to get you to post it. =P

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  • bigboy

    Jay Chou is actually a Taiwanese pop star, not Chinese. Just FYI.

    • http://www.kaley-cuoco.info Kaley Cuoco Insider

      I was going to point that out. I’m disappointed actually. Jay usually makes better music than this.

  • awesomerob24

    Kobe is so awesome!
    he waved at me man! he loves his fans check it out!
    this was after the loss to Denver on April 3rd

    • LizzakeShizzow

      great vid man. glad you manned up and did it lol.

    • lakersallthewayy

      wow really lucky! nice video :)

  • LizzakeShizzow

    LOL @ Kato. Dude can dance, cross over an opponent and do jumping side kicks. Talented bastard.

  • Luke Sucks

    Did he get hungry two hours later?