Kobe hurts yet another finger but its nothing a championship ring can’t fix.

L.A. Times: “Finger is fine.”

Bryant then chuckled and smiled after he was asked whether he would play Sunday against theToronto Raptors.

“You think I’m going to miss a game for a pinkie?” Bryant asked.

  • http://bowwowtoday.com/BowWowToday/Official_BowWow_Today.html Bow Wow

    Kobe is still average. Yall think you can talk trash about me wit out me knowing? KING JAMES owning yall @ Christmas.

    • RC

      no one gives a shit about what u say

    • keeponkeepinon18

      Ironic lol

  • hoop247

    first off fucc bow wow n the way hes on lebricks dicc, west side till i die n lil fag if u say anything else mma cut off ur short dic. catch fade mother fuccer