Sunday was an off-day for Team USA, but a group of players made their way to the gym to get some shooting in. Among them was Kobe Bryant, who got in about an hour’s worth of shots.

He worked from five different spots on the floor, making 25 shots from a foot inside the arc and then 25 more from beyond it before moving on to the next spot, stopping to hit seven free throws in between. He went from right baseline to left baseline and then back again. So, that’s 500 makes from the perimeter, plus probably another 100 or so from the free throw line.

It was all catch-and-shoot action. I didn’t pay too close attention to his misses and makes, but he clearly shot a pretty good percentage. When he first got to the top of the key, he made 16-of-18, and after missing a few, hit at least 10 more in a row.

Afterwards, I asked Kobe about what he’s focusing on as he shoots…

“I just think about the moment,” he said. “I just think about the shot that I’m taking. That’s it. That’s the only thing that counts.”

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  • Faith

    That’s Kobe for you…always trying to get better, working harder.

  • foxxy


  • marving1

    if he DOES get and mvp this season i hope its wit the LAKERS

  • Michael_23

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if Shaq joined team USA?


    Kobe and Shaq!

  • Mamba2410

    Yeah…it would be funny, Kobe and Shaq on the same team, and then Shaq lands on Kobe’s foot like Bynums did and misses the whole season, that’d be hilarious (please forgive me god for just wishing an injury to happen upon another person)! LOL!D