It shouldn’t amaze us anymore, but it still does to me. Kobe sought one of the greatest post-game players to expand his game.

kobe-bryant-passMyFoxHouston: Monday Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant was in Houston for a two-hour workout with Olajuwon.

Olajuwon said Bryant reached out to him for help with his moves in the post.

“He gave me the biggest compliment,” Olajuwon said. “(He said) You are the best (at the) mid-post and post move.

“He wanted me to show my moves to him.”

Olajuwon said his style of play in the paint is really suited for a guy like Bryant.

“In my mind most of my moves for a guy (with) that agility can use it better than the big guy,” Olajuwon said. “Because my moves are not really for the big guy.

“It’s for the guards and small forwards. So he would benefit most on the post because of his agility.

“It was so much fun because how he picks it up. I worked with him for two hours, step by step.”
Olajuwon expects Bryant to be even better than he was last season when he led the Lakers to the NBA Championship.

“Adding those moves to his game, watch out for him this year,” Olajuwon said. “I understand his dedication. His desire to win and stay on top.

“That’s what I respect most about him.”

By the way, Olajuwon said he would never have held one-on-one sessions like this if he was still playing.

“You don’t want to give them your secrets,” Olajuwon said’

  • daboss1848

    this must warm the hearts of the Rockets franchise and their fans

  • Chris Manning

    I love it. Kobe’s willingness to learn and expand his game in every area is just amazing. This man loves to continue to learn the game and just become better. That’s both a scary and awesome though. Scary for the league… especially if he operates out of the post more this season; which evidently he’s been working with someone who knows a thing or two ;)

    Much respect to Hakeem!

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe’s continuously improving his game, while LeBron is doing appearances on ‘The View’

  • 242LakerFan

    This is what makes Kobe great. He won’t even settle for being the best.
    A lot of guys THINK they’re the best, a lot of guys WANT to be the best, a few even TRY to be the best, but Kobe knows that to be the best you have to keep WORKING at it. There’s always someone on your back, dogging your trail, trying to be better than you, so once you become the best, then you have to get better so you can remain the best.
    Kobe knows LeBron is right there behind him, so this is his best move. Keep adding to his game and stay the best. Who will push LeBron once Kobe retires (still as the best) to keep improving his game? That’s what makes this game so beautiful. MJ wanted to be better than Magic and Larry, Kobe wants to be better than MJ, LeBron wants to be better than Kobe, the next guy will want to be better than LeBron.
    I Love This Game!

    • Megan Fox JJC

      Well Said!

  • desecrator93

    Great news. I think Kobe knows that as his athleticism declines, he’ll have to compensate by becoming better and better and post play (kinda how MJ did when he got into his 30s). This guy is brilliant. And kudos to Dream for letting him in on his secrets.

  • gus26

    if the lakers do indeed go to the bigger line up.. the oposition pg will have to gaurd kobe.. MOUSE IN THE HOUSE!!..

    say we’re playing boston… and we have the big line up out there.. they have to play rondo on kobe.. if they put allen on him that means rondo has to get on artest.. we’ve seen artest in the post.. if they put peirce.. now we have rondo on odom.. we seen what LO can do in the post too..

    i agree with everyone about the athleticism declining and the need for kobe to have to play more out the post.. but my gut feeling is that this has to do with that big line up that phil wants to try.. this can be the best line-up in nba history.. yeah i said it!.. kobe, artest, odom, gasol, and bynum.. the potential is there, if they execute.. this season is a wrap..

  • willow

    Damn! He never ceases to amaze me. Just when you think he can’t get any better, he does this! So where’s Caramel Anthony (soft)and D-Wasted(sleepy eye) and Queen James at the View?!?!? Kobe’s in the gym working hard and reaching out to HoF’s to keep improving on his game. Hmm…just when you think he can’t get any better…Damn! Every time I read something like this, it just gives me goose bumps.

  • Short Dog

    Kobe is still the best. He’s not declining or none of that crap. Lebron sucks and so do the Laker haters. He is going to bring more championships for a long time-until he retires. Jordan sucks they are all lame. Kobe 81 all day.

  • Lakerfan123

    How can u say Jordan Sucks Are u a idiot?

    • Short Dog

      I’m not a Chicago fan I;’m a Laker since magic idiot. Are you a band wagon bitch?

  • Lakerfan123

    Kobe is my favorite player but you cant deny that Lebron is a monster.

    • Short Dog

      Yeah I’ll deny that lebron sucks. I don’t like any player if they don’y have purple and gold. I’m not a ranker I stick with my laker team. Good times and Bad times. the Laker all time greats will beat anybodys all time greats. swallow that.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    wow, kobe!
    much respect for you
    he was humble enough to go to someone and ask him to teach him something
    yes he chose the center with the best and most various post moves of all time
    hakeem was so amazing to watch
    he was definitely my fav player at that time, and i was rooting for him whenever lakers were out of contention. glad he won ships (destroying all the greatest center of his era – yes shaq you too fat pig

    p.s. only player in the last 20 years to have won a title without any other all star…first one in houston

  • Kobe Ojuwan

    2 Hall of Famers!!!

    Olajuwan was the greatest!

  • proemb

    Kobe you’re the man. I can’t wait to see:
    1. Kobe’s new post moves
    2. A healthy Bynum
    3. The Enforcer Ron Artest in purple and gold
    4. Shannon Brown taking over as Laker PG
    5. A bench player elevating his game to shock every Laker fan out there. Powell? Morrison? Vujacic? Who will it be?

    • desecrator93

      LOL Brown isnt gonna take over as the PG. Fish has the spot locked up until he retires and he well deserves it.

  • dawg

    Better than shaq. Olajuwon the goatster

  • e-bucher

    what about kareem???

  • e-bucher

    i heard he had pretty good post-up game…

  • Lakers 24 7

    I wanna see Kobe put the Dream Shake on LeBron.

  • touchingmyself

    Man, Kobe was already the best low post player in the league, still that’s not good enough. He then worked out with the best low post player of all time. This is what we’ve been talkin about! This is what makes Kobe Bryant a candidate for “GOAT”! No one has his drive to be the best! No one! MJ is but a shadow of Kobe when it comes to this aspect of his game.

    Kobe picks the brain of the other players and he implements it into his game. He takes the best of everything and adds it into his arsenal! He studies notes on other players and he studies notes on himself, on what others view as his strengths and weaknesses! Dedication or obsession? Or a little bit of both! Either way, geniuses are never considered “normal” by their peers on any level. All I know is that MJ was way too busy swinging a golf club, a baseball bat, or pulling on the arm of a slot machine to be doing all of this extra credit stuff that Kobe’s doing.

    Kobe’s going to go down as the “GOAT”! And it’s stories like this that will definitely open people’s eyes to what an exceptional player we have before our eyes! It will be a long time before someone with the skill set and talents combined with the physical attributes, the mental toughness, the dedication, and the smarts will come into the League and do what Kobe’s been doing! Kobe…”GOAT”!

    • The Purple and Gold Blog

      Great news! This is an area that most Jordan fans and bandwagoners love to leave out of their debate with Kobe and Laker fans on who is the better player.

      While Jordan thinks he is God’s gift to basketball and will always be great and will always intimidate any competition by default, we have Kobe who will never cease to evolve rather than just improve his game because his love and passion for the game is unrivaled by anybody. It was never been just getting to the top for Kobe. His legacy is more important to him than just being the “flavor of the month.”

      He understands that his NBA legacy is permanent and will surely be studied and patterned by the next generations just as he did with Jordan’s. He knows that the gravity of his mark in the game of basketball will undoubtedly help shape the future of the game as well as the NBA. That’s why he wants to challenge those who dare to follow in his footsteps to do better. That’s how you truly immortalize yourself in any sport.

      Could you imagine if enough young players do take on that challenge? The future of the NBA will be something to watch.

  • Short Dog

    Like I said Kobe’s a living legend. Jordan sucks and so does lebron. Yeah I said it. By the time kobe retires he will surpass all of Jordans wack awards. lebron will never do shit-he’s lame.

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