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Yahoo!: Kobe Bryant hasn’t always been the best person, the best teammate, the best ambassador for the National Basketball Association. This is the reason so many voters are searching for someone else to vote Most Valuable Player. For this, Bryant can blame himself. This is the price paid for petulance.

Still, Bryant is an MVP. He’s been the best player, a three-time champion and voters must ask themselves: If I don’t vote for him this year, what will it ever take? His talent, his accomplishments, his place in history, command multiple MVPs. This has been a season when everything has come together to make his candidacy unimpeachable.

His time, his trophy.

“You can’t just continue to take what Kobe is doing for granted,” Pistons president and Hall of Famer Joe Dumars said. “The guy is one of the truly great players and he should be recognized as such.”

No one needs historical context to make the case for Bryant this year. His season stands on its own. At 29, this isn’t a lifetime achievement award. Kobe is still the best of the best. MVPs, however, are never won overnight in the NBA. Mostly, it takes constructing credibility over the years. He’s been so great, for so long that Dumars is right: People do take him for granted.

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  • JCBiglessworth

    wow……agree 100%

  • phaman

    good article…but if kobe doesn’t win MVP this year…i don’t see how he ever can…hes done everything you possibly could do to win MVP and still never won…
    i say who needs an MVP trophy when you have everyone in the league saying your the greatest player?(excluding jeff van gundy)…im mean lakers will still be a championship caliber team even if they lose…right?

  • Sopi

    i hope he wins mvp
    but i dont think he will
    there are too many kobe haters out there, and lots of them has the right to vote

    oh i forgot to mention that nba referees hate kobe as well lol
    if kobe gets calls like other nba players do, he probably end up average more than 35 points per game every season

  • e-Lan7 Black Mamba24

    This is such a good article… I was really amazed with this…
    If only i could vote, i’ll vote for him 100 times… He’ll win it for sure, it doesn’t mean that even though there not in the top spot in the west, he’ll never win the trophy..thats a NO NO! Just imagine if all the Laker Players are complete since the start of the season,
    you think what will happen? no. 1… Even the absence of Andrew since his injury and Gasol for nine games, the lakers are still there fighting for the top spot as mentioned in the article.. And its really right that no one deserves to be the MVP more than KOBE does not even CP3..Kobe for MVP!

    Kobe Bryant
    2007-2008 MVP

    Hands down everyone!

    Your no.1 of no. 1’s fans in Phillippines..


  • Keep Odom

    The two biggest problems with the MVP award is that the wrong people (media) are given the privilage to vote and that there are no clear guidelines as to what makes an MVP. But, aside from all of that, the biggest obstacle for Kobe is that he is Kobe and too many people hate him and will vote for him or not vote for him based on how they feel about him rather than his basketball greatness.

    But, regardless of what others may think about him, I am sure going to be glad when he shoves it in their face when he wins Finals MVP which to me is one million times more valuable than a regular season MVP which is awarded by a group of people who most likely never even played a single professional game in their life. Besides, he will always be an MVP in our heart!

  • xtro

    i’d rather see Kobe hoisting the Larry O’ Brien trophy multiple times than see him win the MVP award.


    If lebron wins mvp this year there was no point to the 2005-2006 season mvp because Kobe didnt the EXACT SAME THING with a team with the EXACT SAME TALENT LEVEL as Lebron. Now i agree with Xtro. I’d rather see Kobe carrying that o’brien trophy on national tv, smiling at all the haters crying that they were wrong for the past, what 5-6 years?

  • Michael_23

    Look at the people who has MVP but hasn’t won championships.

    Karl Malone, Steve Nash, Charles Barkley, Dirk Nowitzki.

    Next up could be Chris Paul with his #1 seeded Hornets.

    Isn’t the feeling of winning a championship better? I mean that’s what everyone strives for in the league right?

  • banuelos_714

    great article
    kobe=mvp but letss see if it will happen with all the kobe haters

  • Phant0M


    Kobe Will Get The Finals MVP Anyways

  • awesomerob24

    Honestly what does the man have to do to win the MVP?
    He’s has done everything possible to earn the MVP honor.
    If he doesn’t win it this year then without a doubt there is a conspiericy against him! No matter what he’ll always be our MVP and our soon to be 4 time NBA Champion.

  • kelvlam

    I hope this yahoo article will knock some sense to those “I’ll wait till end of regular to see Paul or Kobe will be #1 on west, then vote” crowd… damn those people… I mean, Paul is great, but it really isn’t his time yet!!!




    I don’t care about the MVP this ’cause they’re gonna give it to Chris Paul(and he deserves it) but The Championship is what “The Mamba” desires.

  • Billy Kupchak

    cp3 is over rated

  • oh god really?

    LMFAO CP3 is in NO way overrated, if anything he is underrated..