Washington Post: LeBron James was in the corner with no one blocking his path to hoop, so he exploded toward the basket for a ferocious tomahawk dunk. Michael Redd was camped out behind the international three-point line with no one attempting to contest his shot, so he repeatedly flicked his left wrist and watched the ball splash through the net.

The Virgin Islands was listed as Team USA’s opponent Thursday at the FIBA Americas Championship, but the Americans were basically playing by themselves during a 123-59 victory. The United States led by 29 points after one period, 30 at halftime and with the game essentially wrapped up early in the third quarter, fans at Thomas & Mack Center decided to serenade Kobe Bryant — who turned 29 on Thursday — with “Happy Birthday” while he was on the foul line. After the tune was complete, James chuckled and Bryant laughed after hitting both free throws.

Carmelo Anthony scored 22 points and Redd scored 15 of his 22 points during a dazzling five-minute shooting display in the first quarter as the United States continued its waltz through the preliminary round — a day after beating Venezuela by 43 points. Mike Miller and Amare Stoudemire both had 13 points and Deron Williams added 10. Tayshaun Prince had a game-high 12 rebounds.

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  • Faith

    lol, Vegas baby!

    Yet another reason why Kobe shouldn’t leave…he’s got Laker love in Vegas!

  • k0be da 1 andonly

    [quote comment=”12552″]lol, Vegas baby!

    Yet another reason why Kobe shouldn’t leave…he’s got Laker love in Vegas![/quote]

    He’s goit Laker Love eveywhere, hell he even has it in The Garden

  • foxxy


  • J-Cool


    Jermaine O’Neal, his knee surgically healed, says he feels better than he has in at least a couple of years. He’s 10 pounds lighter than last season.

    Indications are that they will keep O’Neal and see how he reacts to Jim O’Brien’s system instead of taking a trade offer they are lukewarm about

  • J-Cool
  • J-Cool
  • J-Cool

    Good Decision Reggie


    look at the picture of kobe there he is happy that he is playing with so many superstars. if he can get 1 star i bet he stays , but if the celtics can get 2 stars and the lakers cant get even get 1 you know why he frustraded

  • daboss1848

    Even with a team full of superstars, the KB criticism remains the same:

    “Too many forced shots — with Mike Miller, Kobe, and Chauncey Billups being the main culprits.

    Too many possessions given over to isolations — featuring Kobe missing a turnaround jumper, getting fouled on a drive, and shooting an airball; Miller getting a shot blocked; and Billups missing a pair of jumpers.”

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    On Kings forward Ron Artest being pursued by the Heat: “That is strictly a rumor. There is nothing to that at all

  • J-Cool
  • keep24

    The New and Improved Kobe Bryant
    Aug 23, 2007 | 8:50AM | report this
    Kobe Bryant is finally getting a dream fulfilled: to play alongside Jason Kidd. Unfortunately for Kobe, it’s not in a purple and gold uniform, but he’s already making the most of this opportunity. Bryant and Kidd are the starting back court for Team USA, who had their first FIBA match-up last night against the Venezuelan national team in the Thomas & Mack Center in Las Vegas. Team USA did not disappoint.

    Team Venezuela did not score their first field goal until halfway through the first period and as expected, the men in red, white and blue (they should have been wearing capes), continued their undefeated streak against their neighbors to the south. And Kobe was nothing short of spectacular.

    Apparently Mr. Bryant has turned over a new leaf. He’s left behind the nagging media questions about his off-season trade demands and is clearly focused on the task at hand: ensuring Team USA qualifies for the Beijing Olympics. As long as Team USA reaches the final game of this FIBA tournament, they’re assured an invitation to next year’s Olympic Games. If they fall short of that goal, however, consider it a new low for USA basketball.

    Kobe and Kidd have been getting along famously and are both providing the veteran leadership needed on a team that’s loaded with young talent. Just by looking at Bryant, you can tell he’s in the best shape of his life. He’s dropped eighteen pounds, has totally revised his diet, and is traveling with his own personal Pilates instructor. He’s told Coach Krzyzewski that he wants to guard the opposing team’s best player night in and night out. If last night’s game was any indication, opposing guards could be in for a heck of a tournament. Kobe’s defense was swarming. He also was an integral part of the offensive onslaught, pouring in fourteen points.

    This is the Kobe Bryant fans want to see. He’s thriving by playing with the best players in the world and is proving he very well may be the best among them. Stay tuned, friends, as the dunkfest is just beginning.

  • J-Cool


    But the often tempestuous relationship between Chamberlain and Van Breda Kolff reached the breaking point at a crucial moment in that championship title bid.

    Boston came back to tie the series and, in the deciding seventh game at the Forum, had a seven-point lead with just over five minutes to play.

    Then Chamberlain, a dominating 7-foot-1 center, hurt his right knee coming down with a rebound and left the game.

    Mel Counts replaced him, the Lakers rallied and, when Counts made a 10-foot jump shot, the Lakers had pulled to within one point.

    Chamberlain stepped forward and told Van Breda Kolff he was ready to return. Van Breda Kolff, who had clashed with Chamberlain earlier in the season, told his starting center he was sticking with Counts.

    “We’re doing well enough without you,” Van Breda Kolff told Chamberlain.

    Chamberlain sat down and the Lakers lost the game, and thus the championship, by two points, 108-106.

    Van Breda Kolff resigned, Chamberlain returned and helped the Lakers win an NBA title in 1972.

  • http://www.lakers.com Ed

    Mitch comes back from vacation today. Maybe we might see a trade go down during the weekend?

  • daboss1848

    Trades are made by phone and e-mail (used to be by fax and may still be) . . .vacation does not interrupt business. Any deals made can be made while on vacation.

    Dont hold your breath – our offers were made, and presumably rejected. The roster we have now will be the roster for the regular season – with minor tweaks, cuts. (emphasize minor)

  • rompx

    not true there will be a trade goin s=down we have 16 players on our roster right now and c webb might come here to LA so In that case a trade will go down by the end of the summer

  • daboss1848

    Karl and Turner are camp invites not guaranteed salaries or roster spots. Camp invites happen every year to see who fits and who doesnt. Even with Webber – Lakers can cut Karl and Turner before a certain date and not be on the hook for salary.

  • rompx

    explain why coby is on the lakers roster then if not guaranteed and still there will be a trade going down because we have too many PG we have 4 and even though mitch said he was satisfied with the roster now the truth is hes not

  • J-Cool


    Are You Defending Mitch?


    How Do You Know The Offer Were Made?

  • fatty

    I read the Mitch interview and he said Coby Karl is not gauranteed and would have a hard time making the team with so many guards. He has a contract, but it is not gauranteed as long as he is cut before the season starts.

    Turner we don’t know, but it would be safe to assume its the same as Coby’s.

  • daboss1848

    goodness gracious . . . Coby is on the roster b/c he is a camp invite – Larry Turner will be on the roster as well when it’s updated. Last year we had 18 players on the roster going into training camp. The final roster must be set prior to regular season not prior to camp.

    but if youre a fortune teller and a mind reader, then who am I to argue with you?

    My point simply was: this is the roster! If you want to hold your breath and be disappointed expect a trade (just like some of u did with KG, then 8/3, then 8/22, then etc). Otherwise, if you expect nothing and receive something you may be pleasantly surprised.

    J, all the reports have been that Lakers made offers to NJ (rebuffed), MN (rebuffed), IN (so far rebuffed), and others (CHA, SAC)

  • rompx

    yes Iam defending him because he does have a deal on the table we have too many PG and it’s jim buss thats holding him back from making a deal from happening and mitch yeah i trust in him but i think jerry should sell the team to disney if he doesnt make a trade go down because he promised kobe and they said something big will happen this summer.

  • daboss1848

    Disney did so well with the Anaheim Angels – it just makes sense to sell the Lakers to them.

    Corporation as owner does not work b/c there are too many shareholder interests – for a corporation the bottom line is profits.

    Rich men as owners works because they have a passion to win regardless of cost – plus the franchise is simply a tax write-off more often than not.

    There is no reason to defend Mitch . . .it takes 2 teams to make a deal – Mitch put forward our best offers and that just wasnt good enough.

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  • rompx

    dude disney just used them to make a movie out of them and when they did win the series it was a different owner lol

  • foxxy

    KOBE NEEDS SOME HELP….WHEN YOU GONNA GIVE IT TO HIM MITCH &CO.?????????????????????????????????????

  • razz

    God Bless you BEAN!