Kobe to come on ESPN radio show today (3:20PM PST).

Kobe Bryant is scheduled to be on ESPN 710 this afternoon with John Ireland. As you may or may not know, Ireland covers the away games as a Lakers reporter during the season. Him and Kobe have a good relationship and perhaps Kobe will yet again come on record and clear all this madness. People are running rampant with Kobe “trade ideas.” It’s just crazy.

Here is the link to ESPN’s Radio 710. You can listen to the live feed from your browser.

We’ll provide a recap and possibly a link to the interview (if one is available). Stay tuned. You can hear it from a reporters mouth, but I will trust Kobe’s word over anyone. Funny how a site dedicated to get a player like Kev Garnett turns out to have the same frustration surrounding Wolves fans – our star player is in the middle of trade talks. Hmm…

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