PHOTO: Arash Markazi

Throughout his career, Kobe Bryant’s dedication has been the essence of his game. So it shouldn’t surprise you that following tonight’s crushing loss to the Miami Heat, Kobe grabbed 3 ball boys and began a shooting spree in American Airlines Arena. Seemingly, the goal on this practice is to hit 25 shots from different areas of the court – midrange, free throw and 3-point.

CBS Sports: More than an hour after the Lakers lost a grueling game to the Heat 94-88 in which Kobe missed his last three shots and had two turnovers in the final three minutes, he took back to the court to get some work in.

It’s the reason he is who he is. Obsessive about his game, to the point of near compulsion. The Lakers aren’t flying out to Dallas until Friday morning, so it presented Bryant a rare opportunity to go back to work. And as we know how Kobe is, he’s not going to miss the chance.

When the dust settles on Kobe Bryant’s career and his dedication to winning is mentioned, people can look back and point to instances like this. You can catch a video of Kobe’s postgame Miami practice, courtesy of Arash Markazi.

  • berks 24

    can’t blame kobe, the game was rigged…no foul on gasol, and kobe, a goal tending? stupid stern..

  • remy

    even though he was partially responsible for tonight’s loss, this is a testament to his greatness

    • i0ioooooi0i

      i would say, “completely” responsible

      • remy

        i put the blame on artest as well. yeah, he can make the argument that it was goal tending…and after reviewing the highlights, it was…but artest should’ve made the 2 footer. if he made it, kobe would’ve thought a little better and look for a better shot…but he still, he should’ve drove in and force a foul instead of firing a 30 footer

  • patrick

    Thats why he’s a 5-time champion. Work hard Kobe, we love ya.

  • lakers

    he said he was doing this because he usually does this every morning but since there flying tomorrow, his shooting and lifting weights tonight but everyones writing reports about it because they didnt know

  • Short Dog Loc

    Living Legend
    Hall of Fame
    Nothing but respect Mamba

  • Dragon

    Well it will only be good for the next game it won’t help to go against Miami again because they won’t see them again. Unless they meet them in the finals which I doubt it but who knows. I think the only time they will meet again is next season which will be awhile from now. The Miami Heats swept the Lakers this post season.

  • 3PeatOC

    Truly inspirational and I don’t even play basketball.

  • Elvis Petrosian

    you should see his video

  • Elvis Petrosian

    sorry here is the link

  • i0ioooooi0i

    that’s 4 straight losses to Lebron, and 3 straight losses to Wade. the one win was “lucky”, even according to Kobe.
    The “only kings have rings” defense is pretty weak. At what point do we start questioning the merit of Kobe’s last two championships? Was he lucky to not have faced Lebron’s Cavs? Head-to-head, Lebron teams have a better record against Kobe. I am a Laker fan, as well as a Kobe fan, but i believe this is a fair question.

    • Joshua Herrington

      Well, considering the Lakers usually beat the team that beat LeBron and the Cavs in the Finals, I’d say it was a combination of luck and talent like in most sports. LeBron has Kobe’s number but the only score I like to look at is the important one: 5-0.
      I would like to have seen how a Laker, Cav/Heat Finals would turn out, but LeBron has lost in the playoffs very convincingly; It was usually in game six.
      Last year was a blur, but I think that Orlando beat Cleveland and then lost to Boston.
      I could talk (type) about the game, but it seems pointless; the Lakers seemed to have abandoned that mentality coming out of the third especially w/Kobe missing seven in-a-row. Poor late game execution made the fourth quarter ironical to how the Heat have played recently.
      All in all, if the Lakers can win, either convincingly (blow-out) or at all, in Dallas, I will have no problem in saying they are still seeing the end of that tunnel.
      Go Lakers!!!

  • Elvis Petrosian

    The Main point is to win championships right? so why doesn’t everyone just lay off. Kobe has 5 rings and the goal in the NBA to get rings… lucky or not meeting the cavs last season or beating Miami this season all that doesn’t mean anything. the end result is what it counts. if kobe was to meet lebron in the finals and beat him and win a ring that’s just another plus.. Appreciate what you have and enjoy it instead of worrying about lebron and the heat….

  • 3PeatOC

    In the end only champions and legends are remembered. Debates are temporary.

  • GreenPuke

    Obviously Very Disappointing kobe was frustrating and need to let out some steam what better way then to work on your game.

  • razz

    Fake Hustle?

    • riley

      Fake Fan? You are

      • razz

        Love the Lakers, but i dont think it was his shooting that failed him (the Lakers) last night….now if he were doing some defensive slides or something, that would have been dope!! still he got better lastnight while most were hanging out…. Go Lakers!!!

  • Lebron is scared

    This seems more like a publicity stunt than anything. And I rather have him work on his defense. Oh well at least he ain’t crying.

  • gasoft

    lets be honest
    lebron owns kobe head to head
    nobody ever owned mj head to head
    kobe really gets owned by lecry everytime, that would have never happened to mj

    kobe is great, but for sure aint mj, and now actually is not even the best player in nba anymore
    lecrab is

    hopefully we can still get the ring in la, even though doesnt look to easy

    • Short Dog

      Kobe is right up there with jordan. In my opinion Kobe is better than that cow. The cows cant compare to the Lakers.
      You want to keep jordan at the top
      but seriously Kobe already passed him
      When its all said and done Kobe will have more jewelry.
      I saw jordan play and he was not special at all.
      Kobe is a one of kind player
      81 all day
      Why do you criticize our players with your name and comments man
      Laker Nation

      • MJ>KB

        are you freakin kidding me…Kobe has passed Michael Jordan? The greatest of all time? to ever play the game. Rings don’t make a player better than another. Reggie Miller never got a ring, and i can assure you he’s 10x better than Robert Horry and his 7 championship rings. Are you forgetting that the game was entirely different in Jordan’s era? They even created the “hand checking” violation as a foul because players would constantly harass him. DON’T GET ME WRONG EITHER, I LOVE KOBE BRYANT. I’ve been a fan of his since his higschool years. But don’t go insulting fellow lovers of the game stating kobe has surpassed jordan. as a laker fan, i can see that you think kobe is the greatest, but as a basketball fan i have no idea what you’re talking about. LAKERS vs BULLS 2011 finals.


    with all the calls wade gets makes you wonder if he was in on the Donaghy scandal