Whats the point of playing now?

Twitter: “I really don’t anticipate it but I’ll let him make that decision.” – Phil Jackson

  • Marwan Marzina

    Season is officially over during the tip off against Clippers, why play now? He could use the rest.

    • airkobe

      he can play but not too hard on the paint, just to get his shooting rhythm back before play-off…may be 20 mins. is fine!

      • R T

        Kobe isnt going to step on the floor and not play “hard”. Minnisota doesnt mean anything, let him rest, come back and play Portland (a potential playoff matchup) after a full week off. Play 20-30 mins vs Portland, rest vs Sacramento cus there is no need to play back-to-backs at this point, and then another 20-30 against the Clippers and he should be good for the playoffs.

  • drivefor16th

    RESSSST KOBE!!!!!!!!!!

  • lostinla

    he better be working on his shot,30%would be a step-up,considering his last 5 games………..

    • Andy

      These last 3 wins are a must because we dont want to give Orlando the 2nd best record.