To nobody’s surprise Kobe didn’t fuel the fire some more…

Canadian Press: Bryant had little to say about a rap video by former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Shaquille O’Neal, who rapped that “Kobe couldn’t do without me.”

Asked how he took the video, Bryant shook his head and said, “I didn’t take it any kind of way whatsoever.”

  • lakerschamps08

    well we know the mature one in that relationship well at least when they had one.. but kobe said wat he was supposed to say..

  • daboss1849

    Kobe said to Shaq “as your wife how the trainers ass taste”

  • daboss1849


  • Freshh

    Suns Vs Lakers Matchups
    should be a little more interesting agaiN.

  • Banzai

    Kobe was probably thinking “How does my ass taste Shaquika O-Meal”

  • Parich

    Shaq is a old and Kobe is a much better man than him.

  • Nikko

    After 2 teams, Shaq still haven’t gotten over the whole fiasco between him and Kobe and the Laker organization. Move on man.. you showin your weakness..

  • bryanmn1

    Kobe would have gone on a tear… but he’s on Team USA now. Gotta be all nice and good for coach K. Or he’ll sit your ass on the bench.

  • Jack

    That’s maturity right there! Good job Kobe!


    As soon as this rap video came out Kobe should of came out with a video of himself helping kids or animals (charity stuff). This way the media would of ate shaq alive. He is already the bad guy.

    Or probably should respond with…”You talk about making half a billion, then put your money were you mouth is, how about the four times we play this season, for every point I score more than you, you donate 50k to the charity of my choice and for every one you score over me I donate 50k to the charity of your choice.”

    Let the media run with that and see what he is made of.

  • maccassedy

    >Shaq Shaq damn! weren’t you n Kazzam.
    >Niggga u don’t want the heat.u might trip over those big asss feet
    >cuz u weight 360 cryin ova yo big toe u sound like a big 7ft hoee lol
    u said i need u > i rock nikes n u rock payless shoes lol > I seen ur kids ur raising brick chunks > let’em kno Daddy’s gone raise some straight punks
    >U call yourself superman “I think there is only 1 superman >and thats christopher reeve
    >U really need 2 stop “Mr.Robo Cop” U really think this iz ur sport but your actually a flop “Sorry” lol
    >U should wear a diaper on your head cuz to me your really shiit faced it.


  • ab4sure

    Kobe really should do a prepared rap for Shaq just for fun. He should ream shaq bad at some club and say it is just freelancing. Me and Shaq our cool. Anybody got a good rap for Shaq? Perhaps you can include How big a Fat Azz is shaq… The Diesel out of gas… talk about how Kobe kicked his Fat azz outta LA… Y would i want to taste that Fat azz ….. Maybe tell Shaq he will be a personal trainer to his wife.. (Vanessa might not like that one).

  • ab4sure

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    Not bad… LOL

  • all-bout-lal

    Why u guys care bout what Shaq says hes a wash up, hes pathetic cause he knows kobes gonna win, like 8 rings when it is all said and done

  • Jourdain

    Kobe could of said something like when Shaq went to Phoenix he pointed to his finger telling Sun fans Imma winna Championship! Talking and acting like he is going to bring a ring to phoenix…No when he pointed to his finger he should of said thats how many games imma help phoenix win in the 2008 playoffs…!Point to one finger win one playoff game and the spurs where like how does 4-1 taste.Shaq learn how to talk Imma Winna Tapionship- my nam is shaq and i prove dis message.


    kobe 14 wins

    shaq 1

    enough said shaq is washed up

  • chitown king

    all u shaq haters kobe is the one who threw his teamate under the bus to save his own ass he turned his back on his team before the season started and expected them to stand with him in the playoffs they have the nerve to compare him to JORDAN who never had anywhere near a shaq. so i think it was a fair question tell me how my ass taste

  • candace parker

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    rotflol :)

  • donkeyballs

    kobe sucks anyway? hes never going to win a title without shaq. anyone who compares him to jordan is a fucking moron.

  • Jourdain

    Wow its hard enough to score 81 points in a street game let alone a college game but to hit 81 in the nba should be happy to be alive to see it amazing,! and to say that kobe sucks is even more amazing than hitting 181 points in a game.tiger woods said that Michael Jordan told him that kobe is the best player in the game right now.Now i respect that because greatness recognizes greatness.Now I agree with charles barkley there will never be another Michael Jordan.dont get me started..!Kobe is the closest thing we have in the game that could even come close to michael i said close to michael not michael or even equal to michael.the problem i have with KB24 haters is that none of them not even one can beat him one on one even if Kobe spotted us 81 points…..and we played to 100 we wouldnt win so who really sucks.Kobe is loved and hated for the same reasons.and i respect Jordans opinion above everyone elses.kOBE IS THE GREATEST TODAY AND JORDAN IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME.and i couldnt beat either one in a one on one game.

  • Tone

    I like both Shaq and Kobe? The real question is can Shaq win without a Kobe or D-Wade type player on his team?

    They all have something to prove…..


    Please… People talk about Michael Jordan NEVER having a Shaq type player. Look at the line up that they KEPT around Jordan!! Who in the League then and now can even compare to Scottie Pippen? Maybe 3 players top!! Chicago kept a prominent 3 point shooter, couldn’t leave them alone… they kept a monster on the boards, and they kept at least 3 Centers at all times. Please be quiet. Kobe is the best, period. Ask any player without the media around.

  • Jourdain

    In the finals My man Kobe is 3-2 and my boy Jordan is 6-0 Jordan has never lost in the finals….period.Jordan set the standard for this generation and that is evident.Notice how Kobe will sport the mustache and goatee like mike or clean shaved face like mike the one ear-ring like mike he has always wanted to be like mike and who dosent.Jordan is still selling shoes like he’s still in the game.I love Kobe because he reminds me of mike.not mike but like mike….!I wanna be like mike…you know the rest….!

  • Sako

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    What does that have to do with anything?

  • Jourdain

    Everything to do with everything.I know that almost everyone has forgotten about what jordan has done.out of site out of mind i understand i GET it thats fine. he’s re-tired and since than the nba has been looking for the next MJ.So when asked about what does this have to do with anything read the post before mine.Kobe is the best period??I couldnt let that ride I love kobe Im watching and listening to everything he does like im paid to do it. like i was when Jordan was playing.But im an honest Kobe fan his 81 points more than MJ scored the boy is bad.let me put it to you like this they did a popularity pole some years ago and according to this pole it said that jordan was only second to Jesus in terms of popularity thats insane!!!.And trust me it wasent be cause of jordans looks believe me.. but hey you cant argue numbers.Your talking to someone who knows numbers and they dont lie dont get it mis-understood stop with the comparisons THERE WILL NEVER BE ANOTHER MICHAEL.There will never be another Kobe enjoy him while he’s here love him when he’s gone like the song says Love me when im gone…!

  • Jacob

    Shaq is getting up in age as everyone will, but in his prime there was and never will be anyone like him, except mabey dwight howard

  • Yamajasti

    Jourdain… you are a dumbass. Compare the league that Referee paying Jordan played in, to the league that Kobe PLAYS in now. You wont agree, I’m sure, but WHERE WAS THE DEFENSE? WHERE WAS THE ATHLETICISM? You can’t name ten players that were defensive threats or 10 that were athletic, talented, or skillful enough to factor in Jordan’s playing days. Pippen was the man Coach Jackson placed on the other teams BEST player, NOT Jordan. Kobe is the man Coach Jackson places on the other teams BEST man,NOW. Hmm? Dumbass, you wont agree but ask around… And you mention a goatee, a moustache, an ear rinr, and a bald head? Oh my fucking GOD!! You stupid ass really think Jordan was the first with that look? LOL DAMN… Go look at some pictures of Jellybean, Kobe’s dad, and make a comparison… Dummy!! LOL