This is great. You know when you see those people writing, “Kobe doesn’t smile, this means he wants out” and stuff like that? Well Kobe resp0nded in the latest Lakers video over at (11:25 mark): Media Page: Kobe’s response to a reporter when asked if he follows any of the BS like “When Kobe smiles in means…”, and “When Kobe frowns it means….”. Kobe just grins a bit and states the obvious “Some people just need to get a life. It’s Silly. They try too hard to read into things that just aren’t there. They need to be doing the same thing I’m doing and that’s focus on THIS team and what we’re trying to accomplish”.


    Using mannerisms for “news” is 70% of ESPN’s content :P

  • laker_27

    Well said.


    I wonder what face kobe makes when he takes a dump and what that face actually means????

  • MILO

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    lol lol lol

  • e

    couldnt agree more…thats what espn lives off of…glad he came out and said that

  • myriam

    These people never stop. Always finding something to say about Kobe’s play, reaction, comment and so on…. It’s annoying, whether he keep silent or say something, still these bunch of reporter has something to loook up to, looks like they can read Kobe like a book.

  • DCLaker

    So if he passes gas does that mean he won’t pass the ball?