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Having yet to make a public statement on the hiring of new head coach Mike Brown, Lakers guard Kobe Bryant continued to duck the question Tuesday during the promotion of his new foundation aiming to reduce childrens’ homelessness across Los Angeles, saying he would, “Address that at the right time and place”. Taking initial questions from reporters and the LA Times, Bryant preferred to focus on the foundation rather than his team’s hire:

“I understand and will address that at the right time and place,” Bryant said. “But this is neither the time nor the place. Right now we’re focusing on bigger issues, greater issues, and that’s these kids that are here in the back. It’s not fair to them. When the time comes, I’ll address it. But now is not the time.”

When asked a second time about the Lakers’ new coach, Bryant followed up his previous statement with the repeated “Now is not the time.” From there, Bryant took questions solely relating to his foundation at My Friend’s Place, a nonprofit resource center offering services to over 1,600 homeless youths a year.

Bryant, understandably wanting the day’s focus on the promotion of the new foundation, has been curiously quiet about the hiring of Mike Brown, despite Brown’s assertion that the two had spoken for an extended period about family and basketball.

While Bryant publicly supported Lakers assistant Brian Shaw for the head coaching position, earlier reports stated that Bryant felt “Surprised” by the Mike Brown hire.

  • xtro

    not a good sign

    • Kevin

      He was there for the kids and they asked him about basketball and if he would in depth on it Ya’ll would have said “he dont care about the kids” smh fake ass fans

  • 123KID

    Kobe is right. That was neither the time or place to ask that question. And then on top of that to say that he shunned out the hiring of Mike Brown and blah blah blah. Dude is doing something for the youth and the community, and therefore, should not receive any basketball related questions, unless it pertains to the kids. Its like if media got into Melo’s wedding and popped the question, so Melo are you leaving Denver to play for the Knicks. 

  • laffsatu

    its so funny that the lakers could give to shits what bryant thinks…since he didn`t get his puppet shaw he`s all pissy…