It sure sounds like Kobe Bryant is ready to take on LeBron in one of the most anticipated matchups of this season…

Daily News: Bryant said after Sunday’s practice that he plans to guard James, a fellow U.S. Olympian, adding that he relishes the challenge.

“I will definitely,” Bryant said when asked if he would check James.  I have to guard him. I’m a little undersized. I’ll probably match up against him.”

  • lakerfan81

    A little undersized? What does Lebron have on Kobe, 35-40 lbs?

  • Dylan Pedgulan

    Hmm, I’m not so sure the Lakers can win this game. We’re especially vulnerable at the SF position. I’m cringing at the thought of Vlad-rad guarding James, and Kobe doesn’t have enough energy to guard Lebron and be efficient offensively. Maybe Ariza could guard James, but he has even less body mass than Kobe, so the banging and physical nature of James’ play would eventually frustrate him. That happened to him when he tried to guard Wade. If we could’ve traded Vladmir for Ron Artest, that would’ve been nice. With him, we could’ve had that shut-down defender. . . assuming he can get healthy of course.

  • lakerschamps09

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    i hope that aint the real boss… cmon u better than that!!!!! we will win the game

  • Dom1020

    Goat??!! Lock ups???

  • ab4sure

    Lebron is too big for him. PJ won’t allow it but I am sure he will guard Lebron a few plays.


    You guys are fools, you are saying that KOBE BRYANT, the best player to play the game, can’t guard james??????????????????????? Wow I said it before and ill say it again, people on here f*cking idiots.

  • Banzai

    Put Sun Yue on Lebron…rofl

  • joe grande

    [Comment ID #58879 Will Be Quoted Here] i think lebron has a 60 pound adventage, kobe weighs about 200 and lebron weighs about 260, lebron is far too strong for kobe, i think either josh powell or lamar should guard lebron, lebron may be too quick for lamar or josh powell, but josh powell or lamar can give lebron space because lebron cant hit 3’s for ****

  • Lakers 24 7

    Kobe is listed at 220, and Lebron is listed at 250. So a 30 pound advantage on Kobe…but that doesn’t mean Kobe will back down from a challenge.

  • Milo

    i’d rather have Ariza and Lamar do a number on him!

  • frozt

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    Is this guy serious? I think you just proved the point you were arguing.


    Kobe is going to be all over Lebron. I think I have to take a cold shower.


    [Comment ID #58934 Will Be Quoted Here]

    Alright buddy what do you think then???????

  • kobe4ever

    I agree with LakerNation Kobe is a shut down defender when motivated and he is definitely primed for this matchup. We’ve been robbed by the officials in previous matchups (you can check it out in youtube)with Cleveland, but I still believe that Kobe can overcome Stern’s Golden Boy (who is always protected by zebras)and give us a huge win. Kobe in big moments…you gotta love it. Also those people who say Kobe can’t guard LBJ will find out tonight so we’ll find out who the idiots are. In the past I would’ve said Kobe could most definitely do a # on LBJ, but as much as I may dislike him his game has definitely expanded to an impressive extent and the game is the only way to determine this.

  • lakers2000

    ^^^^ Good call bro! Go Lakers!!!!

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