Looks like Kobe is also reaching out to Buss to bring back LO in a Lakers uniform.

Hoopsworld: According to well placed sources not only did Lamar Odom reach out to Dr. Jerry Buss – the Lakers majority owner – himself, but apparently so did Laker star Kobe Bryant. Normally players stay out of each others contract discussions, but when ego and vanity got in the way of Odom’s return several parties decided it was time for everyone to talk.

  • M0Z

    Good Job Kobe, way to keep the team together…Repeat

  • CK

    “ego and vanity” lol…

  • Bryan

    That’s the Kobe of today! A leader and mature. Great job I applaud Kobe for reaching out to both parties.

  • LakerMike


    a little off topic:
    Kobe should earn max-money, should be the NBA’s highest-paid player, period, end of story! HOWEVER I hope Kobe might tell the Lakers he’d take less-than-max money in order for the Lakers to bring in a quality free-agent or two in the years to come. Yes, Kobe does deserve maximum, however I hope he understands a few million less per season might mean another acquisition and possibly another title or two, which means more endoresements, etc…

  • TonyF

    Ego and Vanity, kobe knows both well. These guys are so lucky they can play a game. How would either do in the real world without bball$

  • LakersFirst

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    It would shock me if Kobe did this, but there’s always hope.

  • JFK-analysis-at-TLN

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    last time i checked kobe spoke like 4-5 languages.. ego has and will always be in sports
    (go to the BB court and just watch how competitive pick-up games are)
    so shut the hell up..
    if a man works hard pp say “HE WORKS TOO HARD”
    if he is lazy ppl say “HE IS LAZY”

    point- can’t please everyone..especially IDIOTS


    Yeah, the meeting probably went somethin like this…


    “Yo Dr Buss, you need to stop fussin with this ego sh!t and just resign Lamar man!”


    “Well, you know Kobe, the stickler is the 4th year with more guarantee money. Do you want to restructure you deal next year so that you’d take less than max so that we can push this deal through?”


    “Nigga please… I guess you better give Sheldon Williams’ agent on the line.”

    Like LakersFirst said… “It would shock me if Kobe did this, but there’s always hope.”

    If Kobe really wants to chase down Jordan’s legacy then he probably should do this! This way, he has the chance to go for 4 straight NBA titles, somethin that Jordan didn’t do and possibly collect 4 straight NBA MVP trophies as well, which is somethin else that Jordan didn’t do. That would make 7 RINGS, 1 more than Jordan! Not to mention, he could also be the one to help lead the Lakers PASS the C0ckston Celd!cks’ championship record of 17 with 18 for the Lakers!

    “…there’s always hope”!

  • JC

    Good Job Kobe. – Thank you for your Great Leadership! :)

  • pAul

    if the lakers dont sign LO then why wont they sign Al Harrington????

  • Michael_23

    How is Kobe doing this when he’s on the other side of the earth?

  • mplakers

    kobe please!

    how in the hell do you expect buss to respect anything you have to say after calling him an idiot?

    i love you as a basketball person and thank god you’re on the lakers but, man as a person you stink like rotten eggs enfolded in a used baby diaper…with diarrhea.