Bad news for the fans, but good news for Kobe in terms of rest; even though it will be hard to not see the best in the world playing (maybe)… it’s good he’s resting up for what counts: the rest of the season and the Lakers’ legit title run…

O.C. Register: Bryant (29 points) aggravated the injury after a second-quarter slash from Rashad McCants — postgame X-rays showed no further damage — and Bryant will see a hand specialist Thursday. He is headed to New Orleans for All-Star weekend regardless, but he is questionable for the game and especially the 3-point contest Saturday.

“It’s not looking like I’ll be out there shooting 3s,” Bryant said.

  • LakersOnFire

    he should take the rest so we can blow everyone out after the break.

  • The Nugget

    Yah, I wouldn’t be against him taking skipping the All-Star festivities. I’d rather have a healthy Kobe then a three-point shootout winner.

    What are your thoughts?

  • LD2k

    As a fan, it will be dissapointing. But trust me, come Next Wed. the whole world will want a healthy Kobe.

    #1 seed potentially on the line.

    Kobe vs. Shaq.

    Suns vs. Lakers…

    But more importantly, Kobe would have to sit out the first Lakers game (Tuesday vs. Atlanta) if he does miss it. I hate that rule; especially if they enforce it despite his INJURY!

  • Phant0M

    damn l2dk u got my hyped up all ready

  • aviva

    as my desire,i do feel kobe will join the game,cause he may not let us down~~~we have been waiting for so long time,but i’m worry about his finger,too.Whatever,do as he will do.

    Kobe would have to sit out the first Lakers game (Tuesday vs. Atlanta)???
    i don’t think so,Kobe may miss all-star,but i he won’t miss the regular game,last time they unbelieveable lost to Atlanta!He will do join,i think

  • Michael_23

    LD2K, is that rule true? I heard that rule too a while back.

    That sucks. Kobe should just play 15 mins and dish out assists on the all star game and that’s it.

    CP3 will have to get the MVP in front of his home crowd.

  • MILO

    Yes i agree beating down Phony is a lot more important than him beeing in the all star game.(FU-CK DAVID STERN)

  • LakersFirst

    I don’t know why they have the All-Star in the MIDDLE of the season. That’s lame. What if an All-Star has a freak accident and gets injured during the All-Star game? There goes the rest of the season for one team.

    The All-Star game should be at the end of the year, AFTER the finals!!! David Stern is an idiot!!!

  • KB

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooo i wanna see him on sunday he dosent really need 2 shoot he could just pass the ball around an throw alleys


    I don’t care about a ALL-STAR as it doesn’t compare to winning a CHAMPIONSHIP,HELL,even KG knows that.Kobe needs rest,he’s deserves it for what he has done for the past 3 seasons and FIBA.