Kobe joined Mason & Ireland on ESPN Radio this afternoon. Here are some highlights of the conversation:

– Has been rehabbing for the last few weeks, able to walk around pretty freely but cannot run yet. Still doing work on the zero gravity treadmill.

– Last spoke to Dwight a couple weeks ago to check in and will be contacting him again soon. He stressed the importance of Lakers re-signing Dwight as “players like him don’t grow on trees”

– Expects to be back by November/December at the latest. He is rehabbing until they clear him and “take the governor off” so he can work out as hard as he wants to get ready to return.

– Kobe says his best and most memorable Finals game was Game 7 v. Boston in 2010.

– Kobe’s all time starting five would be Magic, Jordan, Bird, Russell, Kareem.

– Promoted his basketball camp, the Kobe Academy, talked about watching Modern Family after surgery, and spending time watching the Disney channel with his daughters.

– Plans to be in China with Lakers for preseason, doubtful that he can play.

– Said if Spurs can keep Wade in check they have a chance to win Game 7.