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Sports Illustrated: Asked what his MVP ballot would look like, Bryant says, “I’m not even thinking about that.” But when somebody mentions that the Cleveland Cavaliers’ James is a favorite because he’s a near one-man team, Bryant, who was averaging 28.1 points, 6.1 rebounds and 5.3 assists through Sunday, snaps, “Put me in the East and see what happens.”

  • biztits

    even kobe knows that in the east its super easy to play in that conference :) lebron come to the west lets see those stats now go KOBe !!!!! MVP

  • e

    he would murder lebron’s stats

  • kb24

    stupid ass people, how the f.u.c.k can lebron be the favorite!?!??!??! why can’t freaken dumbass people see that kobe was like that a couple years back!!!!!!!!!! STUPID F.U.C.K!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PISS ME OFF READING STUPID SH1T LIKE THAT.

  • HiYo2o

    Finally! Kobe says it. It’s so true! I’ve been saying this for weeks now. LeBron is in the damn east! and his team is 4th place, they wouldn’t be in playoff contention in the West. Well put Kobe.

  • Swiggle

    So glad to hear that. Everyone has this misconcenption of Kobe being overly cocky anyway, he might as well just feed into it every once in a while. If Kobe doesn’t get the MVP this year, then I think that award is the stupidest award ever. He should already have AT LEAST 2. Maybe even 3, going on 4.

  • Swiggle

    oh I didn’t cuss, geez. Fine “overly conceited”….better?

  • Jack

    Did Kobe again said he wants to go to the east? Is he asking for trades again?

    ehe… jst playing. he’s a laker for life.

  • Nabil

    [Comment ID #29325 Will Be Quoted Here]

    No, dude. He was saying it as a pissed-off hypothetical. He just meant, “If I was in the east, I’d kill a b-@ch.”

  • lalakerfan

    he was just playing around dude.

    kobe of all people should know what it’s life.

    kobe is hands down the best player in the league

  • DBricks

    Wow…Finally Kobe speaks the truth..instead of the usual “You know what right now were just thinking about (Insert next game here)” Kobe actually got hard and said what needed to be said! lol I love it

  • LakersOnFire

    one man team lol. thats the lakers for the past couple years. no mvp for kobe all those years should mean no mvp for lebron. if kobe doesn’t get it this year, then the nba is seriously messed up.

  • sK

    i hate when people change the rules of the game.

    kobe leads the league in scoring, scores 81 pts. in a game… has a run of about 9 games 4 of which are over 50 etc. etc. etc in the past years and all the writers write about how its about making your team better, its about team ball and not a one man show etc etc. its about your team in the standings. etc etc.

    ok so this year kobe his top 2 in scoring, makes his team better (lakers have one of the best benches), Lakers are in 1st place IN THE WEST ! and then what does the media say? “oh lebron is a one-man show!?”

    who the F* changed the rules now? ALL I AM ASKING FOR IS CONSISTENCY! Talk about bait and switch.

  • goofella

    i wish kobe wouldn’t have said it. it just makes him look cocky or conceited. the season isn’t over yet for him to be saying those things. if the lakers go 0-4 or even 1-4 on this road trip, the nba starts looking at lebron or t-mac for mvp, because in essence their records would be better after this laker road trip. if the lakers finish top 3 in the west, it’s a shoe in mvp for kobe, if the lakers finish 4,5-8 no mvp. that’s just the way it is.

    “what’s the most you ever lost on a coin toss”

  • Michael_23

    Try putting the Cavs in the Western Conference. They wouldn’t even make the 8th seed.

    And last time I checked within the last 10 years or so, your team has to be in 1st or 2nd place in the conference to win MVP. Cavs are #4/almost #5 seed in the current standings in the east.

  • ab4sure

    The real test would be for Kobe and Lebron to change teams. Put Lebron on the lakers and Kobe on the cavs. How would that turn out? I wish we could test it but since we can’t we will never know.

  • ricky

    im not going to say that lebron is overrated, because he is definitely not overrated. he is a tremendous athlete and an elite player. however, i will say that he is not better than kobe, which is what people tend to believe. people believe in stats too much and it depreciates the game of basketball. this game is about raw skills and natural talent. the pros about lebron and why he is putting up better stats is simply because he is younger (22), bigger, stronger, he plays in the east, and his team is a scrub team other than himself, which is why he does the bulk of everything.

    kobe on the other hand, is a far superior player, skills-wise and talent-wise. no player in the nba works harder at his craft than kobe. on many levels, kobe is actually better than lebron if you look at the two in comparison. first, kobe is actually a much better scorer, he has more options on scoring (jumpers, drives, dunks, fallaway jumpers, 3 pointers, layups, etc..) than a swiss army knife. kobe is much less predictable, unlike lebron who does most of his scoring on drives to the hoop. im not saying thats bad because if its not broken dont fix it, but it just gets boring and predictable. kobe is a far more superior defensive player. nba 1st all defensive team for numerous years, lebron has yet to have such an honor. many say kobe is a very selfish player and that lebron is a much better passer. i disagree with that statement because if people watch closely, kobe is actually a terrific passer. he can pass the rock just as well as lebron. if kobe was only focused on passing the rock, he would be one of the best at it. it just doesnt happen with kobe as much because he is such a dominant offensive player. who has the better handles (dribbling skills, ball handling)? i think its a fair comparison between kobe and lebron, but i think kobe wins out because he is much more finess and he is much quicker with his hands and reflexes, and overall coordination as well. thats pretty much it, lebron’s game is good because he has an amazing athletic body and tremendous size and strength which gives him such an advantage. if kobe had such a body, he would put up even better numbers if you include his skills. so i say kobe is the best player as of now, end of story.

  • kenny smith

    Lebron is only famouse because he is on lebron james bubble gum

  • LakerNation1

    daaaaag can u feel the cocky attitude???? i love it. kobe with a swagger is always fun.

  • Andrew Gasol

    [Comment ID #29366 Will Be Quoted Here]lebron james is also goigto be an overweight player and will retire ealy

  • kb24b3stever

    if da lakers was in da east kobe would of had beaten wilt chamberlain’S record of most points in a game already…bcuz if u remember da 81pts was against a team in da east (raptors) well kobe could put up as many pts as he wants against any team bcuz dat same year he scored 63 vs dallas in 3 quarters but da east its just way easier so kobe would of probably had like 5 games with atleast 100 pts already….


    Kobe is NOT saying he wants a trade,in other words “if I had a chance with Halle Berry……I’d hit dat”,that’s all.

  • daboss1848

    East and West Teams play the same 58 games (i.e., against the same teams) – only 24 games are different.

  • JoJo
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