Kobe Bryant made an appearance at the E3 Sony presentation during the NBA 2k12 showcasing. Enjoy this video of Bryant showing off the latest edition, which includes the new “NBA on the go” feature with the PSMove, as well as some funny remarks regarding the “virtual” Miami Heat he faces off against.

Bryant was recently on the cover of NBA 2K10 just a year ago.

  • Bigbo2k5

    LOL Kobe “The Heat aint got 5 of the thangs though” LMAO! Another jab at the Heat

    • lakerss

      lol he’s talking about his rings right?

      • Bigbo2k5

        LOL, yeah he was. I thought that was funny!

        • lakerss

          hahah that is funnyy

  • Jeffrey Thompson

    Sweet!!!! Is this for Wii?

    • Osieljunior09


  • laffsatu

    WOW all these KOBE commercials during the finals…..REALLY no KOBE COMMERCIALS,I SEE LEBRON ,I SEE BLAKE, WHERES YOR GOAT?????

    • PB2000

      Can’t believe I’m actually going to waste my time replying to @97948df38af25d478d18c50cdb9fba0d:disqus although I’ve been tempted to do so on one too many occasions. Kobe’s commercials are international, much more lucrative and waaaayyy less silly then both Lebron and Wade’s commercials. Turkish airlines, Sprite, Nubeo–to name a few. And stop seeking so much attention laffsatu, it’s really pathetic.

      Go Lakers 2011-2012 Champs(Heard it here first.–If the NBA and NBPA let it happen!)

    • Bigbo2k5

      Why are u even on Laker Nation looking at a Kobe presentation? Sounds like you are a Kobe fan lol. If not then go to the Heat page and bask in Lebron’s glory and his 8 pts!

  • Jfrkiflkf

    LOL when Wade hit a 3-pointer and Kobe said: “This is not realistic” hahahahahaha

  • Sunsof1992

    KOBE is Still the greatest I don’t care what anyone says “ONLY KINGS HAVE RINGS” and Lebron is no KING. Kobe was go win at NBA2k12 anyway.