Well here is another milestone for 24 passing up 23.

Basketboltr.net: Los Angeles Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant last night scored 5 three points baskets against Denver Nuggets and became #12 on most three points made by any player of NBA play offs history. Kobe Bryant reached 151 three points baskets.

Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan. Michael Jordan has 148 NBA play offs career three points baskets.

  • vida8

    Well we all know kobe is a better three point shotter …

  • pr0mega

    KB gets an unfair wrap, he plays in a tougher league than Jordan ever did. I respect Michael for paving the way and being the first of his kind, but Kobe is a new upgraded model of MJ and has the same killer instinct that MJ had. 3 rings at age 29 and it looks like the future gets even brighter for Kobe and the Lakers to win more.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    D3moralizing 2 should be out after we win the ring ;)

  • gugy

    I believe when Kobe retires he will pass Jordan as the best ever.
    Now we only can wait watch it and see.

    Go Lakers!

  • e

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    i hope he does..but the thing is, even if he does statistically, all the mj fans of last generation and kobe haters wont let that happen…for me he’s already the best ever

  • west213

    MJ not a three point shooter….

  • http://swishtheball.net Billy Kupchak

    the thing is, when jordan plaedththere wa no dominant center and no dominant lock down defender

  • armando

    That stat is meaningless. At the end of the day it comes down to the # of rings and how big of an influence they played in it. Kobe has his rings, but Shaq was a big part of that. Kobe has matured tremendously since last winning a title, he leads the team now and is thinking beyond himself. He is clearly the #1 player in the league. But he still has a long way to be called the best ever, a title which clearly is reserved for #23. Let’s recall that MJ was the MVP/DefensePlayer of the Year on more than one occassion. Beyond that, one could argue that would he not had that little retirement the Bulls may have very well won 8 straight.

    I hope KB bridges the gap, thatd be amazing as a Laker fan- but he has a long way to go to be the uniquivical #1.

  • CL-Smooth

    Billy Kupchak
    Apr 24th, 2008 at 7:10 pm
    the thing is, when jordan plaedththere wa no dominant center and no dominant lock down defender

    I think you forgetting about Patrick Ewing, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson and other bigmen Karl Malone and Charles Barkely (although he played undersized). Shaquille O’neal was putting up some pretty damn impressive stats over in Orlando and when he first got traded to L.A. How bout lockdown defenders such as Gary Payton (They called him the glove for a reason)and the shot-blocking Dikembe Mutumbo (3 time defensive player of the year). Michael Jordan did not, i repeat not, play in a league that wasn’t as competitive. Let me first off state that I am a Kobe Bryant fan and I believe that he is the best player in the league today, but Michael Jordan is the god of basketball. Take a brief look at his career accomplishments.

    14-time All-Star
    Olympic Gold Medalist—1984, 1992
    Five-time MVP—1988, 1991, 1992, 1996, 1998
    Six-time NBA Finals MVP—1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, 1997, 1998
    Rookie of the Year—1985
    Defensive Player of the Year—1988
    11-time All-NBA—10 times first team, 1 time second team
    Nine-time All-Defensive First Team
    Named one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History in 1996
    Two-time Slam Dunk Contest champion—1987, 1988
    Most scoring titles—10
    Most All-Defensive First Teams—9
    Most NBA Finals MVP awards—6
    Highest career scoring average—30.12
    Highest career scoring average playoffs—33.45
    Most consecutive games scoring in double figures—866
    Highest single series scoring average NBA Finals—41.0 (1993)

    Once again much respect to Kobe as he is the best player in the league today and i fully believe that he is the most valuable player, but we must all remember to give respect where it is due.

  • Curtis

    Are you people kidding me. I love Kobe…I love looking at ALL of his games.
    BUT THERE IS NO ONE IN THE LEAGUE who has the intensity, WILL TO WIN, may I repeat > UNBELIEVABLE WILL TO WIN that Jordan has.
    You could triple team MJ and he’s score on you over and over and over. No matter if he had the flu, or w/e else. Jordan would demand the ball even if he was having a bad scoring game. It’s his team and if they win or loose, it was going to be because of the team leader Michael Jordan!!! May I add right now that he averaged over 8 assists per game, was all time defensive player of the year I don’t know how many times, stole the ball like a madman. If you didn’t pass him the ball when he was asking for it, he’d get in your face even if you scored. The Leader is MJ and the team will live or die on his back; that’s a team leader. And they obviously did real good.
    Jordan just made sure he did what it took to win. He was a true winner which is where his greatness comes from.

    Kobe is GREAT, he’s a winner, but he isn’t a Michael Jordan (nor does he want to be). When the player who is better then MJ comes along he’ll come along, but please let him get here and stop degrading the greatest man to play the game’s legacy.

    Go Kobe, go Lakers….

  • Curtis

    By the way…same killer instinct as MJ?!

    If MJ were in these finals games his team would have lost because he missed too many shots or most of his passes that he made while making a play got picked off.
    Kobe has great killer instinct, but especially in these final games is where you see the difference between Kobe and his Airness.

    Lakers teammates were taking shots on their own, Kobe was giving up the ball a lot of times, Kobe wasnt demanding the ball enough, etc etc…

    This didn’t happen with the Bulls. Jordan was the center of the Bull’s universe. Even when others were making plays and scoring.
    You could triple team him a million times, he’s either made a ton of beautiful shots making it look as if they were shots you’d normally make or one of his teammates would receive a nice assist.

    If you do not remember all of this look at some old clips/games of the Bulls with his Royal Airness, Michael Jordan.

    Better luck next season for Kobe and our Lakers. Hope their defense picks back up next season and Kobe elevates yet another level next season and especially during the post season when we need him most.

    Btw, I hate Kobe MJ comparisons…Kobe doesnt want to be compared to him and frankly it hurts his public persona since ppl tend to dislike him because of this (and some other reason, one of them being how great he is :)).

  • Lbj

    we alll know that micheal jordan and kobe are good but your leaving lebron james out of the picture he is and will bet the god of basketball
    Go cleveland

  • Lbj

    fuck u

  • Lbj

    Lebron James is the god of Basketball
    Go Cleveland

  • LBJ

    i apologize for my behavior earlier it is true we all know kobe is a god at basketball and lebron will never pass him maybe d wade tho

  • oh god really?

    There is a simple explanation for this.
    More games for Kobe = more 3pt attempts.
    Jordan started playing after college while Kobe skipped college.
    Jordan retired twice, therefore less games.
    If not MJ would have the most points all time.