Tonight, Kobe Bryant passed John Havlicek for 11th place on the NBA’s all-time scoring list with 26,396 points.

The  all-time points list currently stands at:

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 38,387
2. Karl Malone 36,928
3. Michael Jordan 32,292
4. Wilt Chamberlain 31,419
5. Shaquille O’Neal 28,434
6. Moses Malone 27,409
7. Elvin Hayes 27,313
8. Hakeem Olajuwon 26,946
9. Oscar Robertson 26,710
10. Dominique Wilkins 26,668
11. Kobe Bryant 26,398
12. John Havlicek 26,395

Congratulations to the Black Mamba. But in a strange turn of events — another Kobe Bryant milestone falls on a loss. The Lakers still have quite a few milestones left to turn that trend around.

  • Danny

    i Predict That He Will Be in the Top 5, By The Time He Retires.

    • Kristian

      Haha, yeah no shit. He’ll be in the top 6 sometime next season

      • lakers0828

        Why Not finish his Career as The ALL time Leading Scorer I say He breaks Kareems Record and is the New All Time Leading scorer

      • Tim

        Danny it isn’t hard to predict the totally obvious and Kristian he should make it this years. He will be in the top 6 this year if he stays healthy. He currently has 600+ points and averages about 1800-1900 a season though most often scores 2000+. He only needs 1011 points to move into 6th. Next year he will most likely surpass Shaq and then he has some serious work to do in his waning days to get into the top 4.

  • Pillzmayn

    If he’s not injuried he will end the season at the 6th spot for sure and next year kick the fat guy at #5

  • LAHI!!

    19 pts/game for the next 8 seasons. 82 games. all time lead is merely impossible but reachable if he stays at 25 per game for at least 4 seasons :>

  • jtshoopsblog

    Great KB. Only 10 more to go.

  • Fernando Torres


  • Gugy

    for sure Kobe will surpass Shaq. I know he will love it.

  • Gilbert

    Kobe should end up at #6 by the end of season. Its just 1,000 points. haha easy for me to say. Then next year he will pass fat A** Shaq. That will be celebrated.

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