Kobe optimistic Lamar will return

Here is what Kobe had to say today about Lamar…

Washington Post: Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant is optimistic the NBA champions will re-sign key free agent Lamar Odom. “I’m optimistic that he’ll be back,” Bryant said Wednesday at a news conference in Singapore as part of a six-country Asian tour. “He makes us a much, much stronger team.”

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  • trbo823

    There you go. Kobe has spoken. Odom will be back..haha

  • Barry

    Holy cow! Is this ever going to end?!!!

  • Victor

    Hey kobe hows your mistress?

  • http://Firefox Fdog

    Kobe, we just want to be sure you’ll be back. Please stay away from Bangkok…oh wait…it’s legal there.

  • http://www.inverter-china.com/blog lovekb

    Long long time now.


  • wilzuvsteel

    Hey Victor, he’s with your mama you’re about to get paid hater

  • Victor

    @wilzuvsteel: hell yeah, dumbas$ and before my mama kobe was banging ur sister-mother night in, night out. Hey kobe! Prostitution is legal in bangkok! Just so you know!

  • wilzuvsteel

    Victor I could tell you don’t have a good relationship with your Dad. Just chill on all the hate and support the team you really want to see win. Why go on a Lakers blog to vent all your problems and instigate blog warfare. But if you want to keep it up go right ahead hater. Now I know why you know prositution is legal. Your momma was a ho and had you.