Interesting article on the MVP voting. LeBron definetely deserves it – but if the Cavs lose a game here and Lakers end up with best record in league, do you feel it would change? The criteria changes every year and it will be interesting down this final stretch…

Cavs News: With less than a month left, the race to the MVP seems to be favoring Lebron James according to a recent poll by the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

A survey conducted this week among a diverse group of MVP voters hints that with three weeks to go, James is leading by a significant

The sample included national media members based on both coasts as well as beat writers and broadcasters split evenly between Eastern and Western Conference cities. Of the 20 who gave their opinion, James got more than 80 percent of the vote.

“Kobe has been the best player, LeBron has been the best teammate, Dwyane Wade has been the best highlight,” TNT analyst Kenny Smith said. “Overall, it’s either the best player or the best teammate. [Bryant and James] have elevated their games. I would have to go with LeBron because I don’t think he has as much talent as the Lakers have.”

“I love Dwyane Wade, Kobe Bryant has been the best player for a while and we did not award him with the MVP until his team had the best record or one of the best,” TNT analyst Charles Barkley said. “Dwyane is having a fabulous year, but you can’t change the criteria. It’ll be LeBron or Kobe because their teams will have better records. We reward winning.”

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  • alex

    honestly, i would give it to lebron because i see his team as mediocre. if you took kobe out of the lakers they would still survive but it probably wouldnt be the same situation with lebron and the cavs.

  • kobe8

    who cares, i’d rather he get the Championship and the Finals MVP when it’s all set and done.

  • CaliRoll

    Kobe has taken a step back this year to let his supporting cast step up, and you can’t argue with the results. Let Lebron have his MVP. All that means is, he’s the best player at picking up the slack that his team leaves behind.

  • karinLA24

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    i second that.


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    i second that.

  • ceballos_neverforget

    Couldn’t have said it better, CaliRoll. I’m honestly surprised that no over-the-top homers have started sh*tting on Lebron in these replies yet. The dude has played well and deserves it. Lucky for him he’s at least going to win the MVPs he deserves. Kobe should have had AT LEAST 2 by now, if it weren’t for a bogus Dirk MVP or one of the Nash years…he got hosed for MVPs back in the day.

  • Chris Manning

    It’s all subjective criteria year in and year out.

    But LeBron HAS deserved it. It will be interesting if he doesn’t win it actually…

  • Kam Pashai

    “Kobe has been the best player, LeBron has been the best teammate, Dwyane Wade has been the best highlight,” TNT analyst Kenny Smith said. “Overall, it’s either the best player or the best teammate. [Bryant and James] have elevated their games. I would have to go with LeBron because I don’t think he has as much talent as the Lakers have.”

    Okay, so Kobe has been the best player and LeBron has been the best teammate.

    MVP is the Most Valuable Player, so the best player should get the award… am I not correct?

  • Freshh

    LeBron pretty much locked it up
    regardless of team record.

  • Eidraq

    i hate leblowjob, but it would be wrong of me to deny him the mvp this season…however, come playoffs, we’ll settle the other mvp award on a more high stakes ground

  • Chris Manning

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    It’s all subjective.

    LeBron has won the media’s hearts.

  • PhilsArmy.

    WHo the Fuck cares about Lebron getting MVP,we are getting the ring and kobe is getting MVP Final :)

  • Joseph

    with a performance like tonight, kobe’s a shoein to be shooed out of MVP

  • gugy

    Hey Joseph,
    If I was you I would start to panic. It seems the Celtics doesn’t have a team to beat either the Cavs nor the Magic.

    Too bad, It would be nice to kick Celtics butt at the finals.

  • Chris Manning

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    Who cares. It’s a subjective media award anyways.

    LeBron deserves it but I bet you if given the chance, the media would salivate over giving it to him and it shows. He’s earned it, the media will give it to him.

    LeBron will NOT make it to the finals however, they will be exposed and beaten by the Celtics.

  • Joseph

    this is LN talking.. i talk smack on kobe cuz he’s my homie. but he sucked tonight

  • yash

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    You are wrong actually, as much I want Kobe to get the MVP, Lebron is playing better than anyone whose name isnt Dwayne Wade.

    MVP – Most VALUABLE Player

    Is Kobe as valuable to Lakers as Lebron is to his Cavs?
    Take those players out of the teams see who survives
    Even though I love Kobe to death, I would rather hangout with him rather than Kobe. Lebron is very sociable and lovable thats why media is on his nuts and not on Kobe’s. Lebron is funnier and everything else that helps the chemistry of their team. Better chemistry, the better the team plays, and players are happy with each other.

  • Juilliards Laker Man

    MVP Kobe Bryant

    This is NOT the most filled up STATS Award and it is NOT the best player award. It’s only the Most VALUABLE Player Award. MVP should mean this-
    The ultimate goal is to win the Championship, so the MOST VALUABLE PLAYER throughout the season is the player who has PROVEN THE BEST that his team is the most dominant team in the league and favorite to win it all because of him. Not the player who’s team is worse without him, because who cares about that, it’s how great your team is because of you. The player who has done WHATEVER he had to do to have his team as the favorites to be the most dominant team in the league at the end of the season is the Most Valuable Player in the League because without him that team wouldn’t be the favorites to win the Championship, which is the ULTIMATE GOAL. (Lakers were the favorites in the Finals last year BC of what Kobe did in the Season. Even though they did loose twice to Boston, he still had proved to have the most dominant team going in. was proven to not have the most dominant team, but they were the favorites bc of how great his team looked) Doesn’t matter if you have the most wins in the season, the most rebounds, or the most points. What matters is that your team is the most dominant team because of you.
    With what has happened this season, (impressive streak stopping and doing some major sweeping) it is clear that Kobe has prepared his team to defeat The Cavs and Boston in any series.
 What’s more Valuable to a team that’s trying to win a championship?

    -Lebron- His style of playing the game is dominant and can win A LOT of games in a season, but when tested against REAL (true teams) like the Spurs in the Finals a few years ago or the Lakers this year… it shows that His style of play is NOT so VALUABLE when playing in a league with some REAL teams. A One man show can’t get it done against REAL teams. Sure, they may look like they are playing team ball, but when you really look at it, it’s just Lebron feeling up a stat chart. There are not many box scores for the Cavs that have great numbers for all the players. True teams have the box sore filled up in all areas bc it’s much tougher to beat a squad of guys who all get it done then just one feeling up the stats. The MVP this year understands that that’s what you need to win a championship when there are other teams out there who are playing the game right. Lebrons style of play will not get it done against the big dogs. Making sure the guys around you do the things they are suppose to do at their positions without having to rely on you to do everything makes an ultimate team. One guy grabbing triple doubles isn’t doing IT ALL. It can get you far bc you are hard to stop, but REAL teams can take care of one guy as been proven. ( that style doesn’t make you most valuable this season) That’s just feeling a stat sheet and is not preparing your team to beat a dominant all around True Team in a series with the competition in 09. The Cavs rely on him completely to get wins, but when it comes down to it, that’s not the most valuable strategy in being the most dominant TEAM to win a championship when there’s a True team playing the most dominant ball This Season. (Kobe had his guys schooling the Cavs this year while being sick on the bench. Lebrons game has been revealed this season to NOT be the most dominant strategy in having the most dominant team in the League This Season, which is why he isn’t the most valuable player in the league. 

    -KOBE BRYANT- He has done everything he had to do THIS season to develop a team that plays the Ultimate Team ball and has already proven to have the favorite team going into the Finals… He’s a guy who can get all the points he wants, (best finisher in the league) can grab rebounds all he wants and can pass lots of assist if he wasn’t running the Triangle, but instead has done what he needed to do so he can have the most dominant team in the league in 09. He has his team sweeping the other TOP contenders and has made all the adjustments he needed to make to make his team the most DOMINANT. Considering what has been done throughout this season, Kobe has his team as the favorite to win the Championship. Kobes style of play is Much more Valuable in winning a Championship in 09. He makes sure everyone does what they need to do at their position (no one relies on Kobe to be the best at their own position on the team because they understand that strategy is not the most valuable strategy.) The team understands what they have to do to be the BEST TEAM because of Kobe Bryant’s All Around Game this season. Again, feeling the stat sheet is not all that valuable when there is A bigger fish in the Sea this year.
    Kobe gave the ball to Ariza to make the game winner when Kobe was red hot in San Antonio.. Ariza missed, but that is a great example of the MVP player Kobe Bryant is this season… Preparing the team to have ready weapons in the big moments, when it really counts. He’s a man who has done what he had to do this season to have his team ready for any battle in the Finals this year.
    Kobe Bryant is hands down MVP


    It would be nice if Kobe got it but it’s not going to happen. I’ve seen a few games already that Kobe will tend to rely on his jump shot far more then his driving ability. I’ve seen were we need a shot but Kobe will bounce, bounce, bounce then shoot a with a dude in his face and miss. Yes he occasionally will make one but lately he’s been bricking them. I feel he is already on his down turn now. Anyways, Lebron will get the MVP and Kobe will get his ring.