Kobe was asked about the infamous “Kobe video” and he responded with nice comments ab0ut the emerging Andrew Bynum…

L.A. Times: What a difference six months makes, the relationship between the current and future foundation of the Lakers no longer shredded at the seams, the telltale signs of repair and restoration playing out publicly night after night.

The latest sample came after Bynum’s career-high 24-point effort in the Lakers’ 106-101 victory Friday over the Philadelphia 76ers at Wachovia Center.

Bynum made 10 of 11 shots, took 11 rebounds and picked up another dose of flattery from Bryant.

“I thought Andrew played exceptional for us,” Bryant said. “I think [his] poise comes from good work ethic and having the confidence to be able to do something and be able to perform. He’s been working extremely hard. The key for him is to keep it up.”

Bryant also smiled when asked about the infamous amateur parking-lot video in which he said Bynum should have been shipped out of town for All-Star guard Jason Kidd.

It seemed to have lit a fire under [him],” Bryant said without a trace of rancor. “It’s awesome.

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  • D LO

    Kobe, you’re great. The best even. But jesus, did you have to take credit for this? I think he was gonna be good anyway. Phil and the fans were already doubting him and I think that alone would have motivated him enough to work as hard as he has without that stupid parking lot video.

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

    Bynum is my man! :)

  • keep24

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    Yeah. I think he should take credit. In fact, I think he should take credit for their decent start as well. Had Kobe not done what he did, Andrew and the rest of the team would have taken their sweet time trying to improve.

    There were better ways of motivating him, I’m sure, but probably this was the most powerful.

  • MILO

    Well i like Bynum but the fact of the matter is that he needs to start beeing like he was against G-state prety much got all the missed shots and cleaned them up.That is a great example of how good he can be for us.It all starts with Fish-Farmar getting him those beatifull lobbing passes KOBE NEEDS TO DO THAT MORE OFFTEN AND STOP FORCING SHOTS OFF IF YOU’RE HURT TAKE A FU-CK-EN DAY OFF AGAINST A SORRY TEAM ONLY COME IN IF IT’S ABSOLUTELY NECESARY PLEASE….

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

    From another related article:

    Not only did Bynum dramatically improve on a physical level in the offseason, he is unveiling a will to excel. He missed two foul shots that would have tied the score in the final seconds of the Lakers’ loss Thursday night in Cleveland and seemed to shrug it off after the game.

    But Bynum actually thought about that first bitter taste of late-game individual failure so much he told his brother later that the misses would wind up dictating his entire career path: “It’s either going to make me an under 50 percent shooter my whole career or 80 percent and above,” Bynum told his brother.

    On Friday night, Bynum hit all four of his free-throw attempts.

    “So hopefully I’m in the 80 and above,” Bynum said.

  • LA Forever

    Yo ld2k , you should make a video on bynum+ kobe

  • http://www.lakers.com Billy Kupchak

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    thanks for letting YOU share! ~lol~


    I hope Kobe does another ‘INFAMOUS’video tape,this time for Kwame if this going to motivate players to perform at a Championship level.Bynum didn’t deserve what Kobe said about him but he is a Scorpio so Kobe could’ve made 100 videos it would’ve been the same result.I still would like to have a LO/JO/AB Connection,WHAT A MONSTER THAT WOULD BE.You would have to hand over the rings before the season started.THE PACK RULES!!!

  • ab4sure

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    It seemed to have lit a fire under [him],” Bryant said without a trace of rancor. “It’s awesome.”

    To take credit for someone else’s achievements you must have to have a massive ego. So this doesn’t surprize me. Pretty soon Kobe will be saying he planned the summer tirade just to make the other laker players better. Perhaps he will soon take credit for Farmar’s play, or sasha better year?? Maybe in making the lakers get Fisher back??
    I don’t see Fisher taking credit for other players achievements, in fact Fish is always saying just the opposite that they have worked hard and paid the price. The true leader of this team is Derek Fisher. The way kobe leads is being an example of hard work in the gym and teaching knowledge of the NBA which serves a good purpose for the team. This team tolerates Kobe’s massive ego and can play through it with the few veterens they do have. They probably need one more experienced player.

    I wish he would be getting healthy by sitting out because in the last five games he is shooting 34% and is getting beat playing on one leg on defense. Even though he is a great individual player this is hurting the team not helping.

  • http://ld2k.com LD2k

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    Already started one. ;)


    Awesome kobe. I think kobe is right that it did light a fire under is a.s.s. What did bynum do before that video came out? That would be nothing!!!!
    Sometimes players have to be called out to get off there a.s.s and get to the gym. It obviously worked for bynum and farmar, i just wish kwame would take there lead… Maybe kobe should go back to the mall and talk crap about kwame. Maybe that would wake his lazy a.s.s up.

  • ab4sure
  • foxxy

    [Comment ID #20198 Will Be Quoted Here]ALWAYS A DOWNER….YOU DUDE!!!

  • MILO

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    Kwame has been trying but hes just a fragile b!tch and has become injury prone i dont think he’ll be back next year.Would you agree???

  • MILO

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    It seemed to have lit a fire under [him],” Bryant said without a trace of rancor. “It’s awesome.”

    You people are getting the wrong impresion maybe yes that motivated Bynum but that doesn’t mean Kobe is trying to take the credit.We all know that it’s Kareem who’s working 1 on 1 with Bynum Kobe is not about to try to take that from him.It would be rediculous for anyone other than Kareem to try and take credit for that.YOU PEOPLE NEED TO STOP THE MISINTERPRETATION OF WHAT KOBE SAY’S YOU GUY’S REMIND ME OF WHEN KOBE SAID

  • MILO

    Really, (KOBE)

  • ab4sure

    Foxxy you still want to trade Bynum??? You said he would not develop for years and that you would trade him for Oneil. Thank god your not the GM or else Kobe and the Lakers would have lost a future all star center.

  • ab4sure

    Milo, kobe is not trying to take the credit for what Kareem has been doing with bynum but he is saying his statement lit a fire under his ass and if you listen to the interviews of Bynum before the summer started Bynum already had a plan of working out and getting better. Did you hear him say he wanted to be an allstar his 4th year in the league??? Kobe didn’t motivate him he had it in himself.

  • BEC

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    He did light a fire inside of him, Bynum said himself that he was upset about Kobes statement. Everyone says theyre going to work out and get better, but few actually do really improve and put in the owrk. Ive never heard of Bynum working hard the first three or so years hes been in this league, thats why there was a lot of speculation about him not being a good player, his work ethic was questioned a lot by phil and others, but this year hes working hard and showing his potential. Its all on him, the improvements on him but i wouldnt doubt Kobe put a lot of motivation in Bynum to improve.

  • ab4sure

    Did you hear Andrew’s exit interview he did in May that i posted on this thread? The fire was in him then.

  • BEC

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    Like I said before players say that stuff all the time. I never said Bynum doesnt have a fire inside of him, im not saying he hasnt been working on his game, i dont think hes a lazy a** like some people, but this year his work ethic and condition is being praised unlike past seasons they were questioned. All I said was, “i wouldnt doubt Kobe put a lot of motivation in Bynum to improve.” because for one I know I and many others would be motivated to improve, if i was in Bynums position after what Kobe said.

  • MILO

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    that was well said, and i see you have the same problem as me trying to type to fast and writing things like owrk ha ha i do it all the time bro i feel you…

  • ab4sure

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    Whether Bynum was motivated or not by kobe’s comments is debatable. What we do know is that Bynum said back in May he was going to work hard over the summer. He said that in the interview posted.

  • Ignard

    It’s nice that someone other than Kobe has got the Laker faithful excited. I hope Drew keeps it up and becomes the next great Laker center/hall of famer. Ditto for Jordan and Critt.

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    Thats bs! Kobe clearly dissed Bynum. I doubt that was a modivational tool. Fact I know.

  • kobe-wan kenobi

    kobe never said that he dissed bynum to motivate him
    he did because he saw bynum being lazy and not improve as he should have!
    AB damn it…bynum stated more than once that kobe’s comment motivated him to work harder…!
    why u do not believe him?
    why u quote only stuff that prove your theory?

    please be objective!

  • Rpoc

    Like Shaq who dissed Kobe’s ass at his age, Bynum responds like Kobe and works his ass off.

    Can you say that for Kwame? He would be crying hiding under sheets with a thumb to his mouth.

  • ab4sure

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    Did you listen to andrew’s interview posted??? Obviously not!!! Show me the quote’s. Kenobi, damn it, Please be accurate!!!!

  • BEC

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    Theres nothing to be debated. Yes, Bynum said he was going to work hard but he did also say this……

    (Q: How did it feel to hear about the tape and what Kobe said?)
    Honestly, like I said I think he was just a frustrated veteran. He was tired of losing. He had an opportunity to get a Hall of Fame point guard and that’s just how he felt about it. All it did to me, really, was make me work harder, and that’s where I’m at right now.

    I think that last sentence says it all.


    I think you have to give the credit to the kid. He is da one who worked his tail off in the gym. I listened to those interviews and sounds like he had a plan to make himself better. gotta give it up to him. perhaps he used some of his anger toward kobe in those workouts but he lifted the weights. he ran the sprints. and he is da one who is making mitch look good now.

  • LakersFirst (Change) (Close)

    Great, Kobe and is already massive ego is taking credit for Bynum!!! When Kobe retires and Bynum is unstoppable, Kobe’s going to be comentating “see he owe’s me his career”. What a deuche bag Kobe is. As a great as he is, I can’t stand him as a person.

    Bynum’s motivation wasn’t from what Kobe said, its from KAREEM – YOU KNOW THE ALL TIME NBA SCORING LEADER. Do you guys forget that he’s Bynum’s personal coach?

  • ab4sure

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    Well said Fish, Too many people want to give kobe credit for bynum’s workout this summer. He would have done it anyway. He also said that he wanted to be an all star in his 4th year back in May but lakernation and kobe thinks its kobe comments that are motivating him. This guy was motivated to be an all star before kobe’s trashing of bynum in public.