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Kobe Bryant recently sat down with Laker Nation’s own David Brickley, Jason Riley, and Kevin Figgers.

In part 2 of 4 of their sit down conversation, Bryant discusses how he trains for the Olympic games, what role he will play for Team USA, and much more!

Bryant also talked about the importance of trash talking:

Jason Riley: One of the interesting things about the timing of the Olympics is that its pretty quick after the NBA season. So, obviously these are your competitors and then a month later these guys are your teammates so what are those practices like when you get over there and you’re playing with those guys?

Kobe Bryant: They’re spirited [laughs]. You know a lot of it really falls on me because I’m kind of the wiser of the guys having been around so many years so most of the time I set the tone in practice by trash talking certain players whether it be a Lebron, or…

JR: Friendly wagers..?

KB: [laughs]…You know or in Beijing it was D-Wade. Kinda getting practice going because up to that point its always kind of a little uncomfortable when guys don’t know if they can elbow a guy or talk trash to a guy and you know I just come out and just start chirping man [smiling]…

DB & JR: [laughs]

KB: …But it makes practices more fun and everyone starts talking trash back and forth to each other and there’s some pretty funny stuff that’s said most of the time.

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