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One of the topics that came up in Kobe Bryant’s exit interview was  the rumors that surrounded Gasol and Bryant. Some gossip sites even saying that the two weren’t talking to each other, and that Kobe’s wife broke up Gasol and his girlfriend. Kobe did his best to silence the gossip, and was asked if it angered him.

“It didn’t anger me, so much as it made me laugh. People will reach for absolutely anything, when we struggle. They’ll pull for any crap, any B.S. that they possibly can, and invent things, and it was ridiculous” Bryant said.

Kobe was asked to respond to some comments that Pau Gasol made in his exit interview. Regarding the team not seeming to know each other at the end, and over the next few days the team needed to reflect on why that was.

“Oh we knew each other, we knew we stunk! We knew that!” Bryant said with a laugh. “Pau is a very emotional guy and I think when things go bad for him, then things really go bad for him, in his eyes. It’s not like we didn’t know each other, we weren’t playing well together, we weren’t executing together, but I don’t think it was something where it was ‘Gosh I don’t know what this guy is doing’ like we needed a Dr.Phil moment or something like that, it wasn’t like that at all. We just weren’t playing well.”

Gasol also touched on the rumors during his exit interview and made it clear that all the reports were absolutely false.

“It’s not just unfair to me, whatever has been said, which I have tried to stay away from … but obviously, I’ve heard a lot from people around me that care about me: my family, my friends, employees, and my girlfriend, apparently, who has been taking hits that are absolutely false, all those stories. Gasol explained. “But nowadays, you start a story on Facebook, on Twitter, on one of the social networks, it becomes true. It just takes enough people to comment about it. But I can’t get into that, I can’t waste my time on that.”Gasol said.

Both Bryant and Gasol have now officially silenced the rumors. So until further notice there is no validity to any of the gossip sites reports that have been running rapid around the internet.

  • lalalakers

    It’s running RAMPANT….either way, glad the rumors were dispelled….

  • Pamela Jane

    I am so tired of people blaming everything on Vanessa. A team loses because they don’t play well! That’s it!