mnf.jpgThe following was posted on Kobe Bryant’s official website,

Check the halftime segment of tonight’s Monday Night Football matchup between the Broncos and Chargers to find an interview with Kobe. Mike Tirico will be asking the questions, and LeBron will also be in the interview. Should be fun…

Video included now…

  • IMmichael

    wtf he is a football player now haha

  • hZm

    Trade Kobe to the Chargers for LT and Gates?


  • lakerschamps08

    hahaha but naw this good we will hear wat he has to say about watever they talking bout..

  • selam

    if u didnt see it kobe talks about his teammeat and his team and lerbon talks about his too.then they asked kobe what has lebron improved seens last year then kobe said lerbon is improved with his jumpsoot ,…..and then lerbon said he look up too what kobe is doing and how kobe is the best player in the leauge ….and they talked about what it fell like to play in christmas day .thats pretty it much it !soory for bad english !

  • LA Forever

    lol it was not that interesting and yup KOBE is the best in the league and lebron

  • ab4sure

    we good read that selam. Thanks for the report.

  • Tim

    “Thats a pretty nice thing to say especially after you beat him a few days ago”
    i wasnt too happy that the Cavs won but i found this funny

  • selam

    the video

  • Majic “Big” Johnson

    2 of the best in the league! Great interview.

  • as1084

    LeBron called called mike tirrico “Mark” haha…his name is Mike lol