The one thing that seperates Kobe from anyone else is his intensive focus on the goal at hand – the championship. When one reporter asked Kobe his thoughts about LeBron, Kobe made it clear he just don’t give a (bleep).

NYPost: “You’re asking me if LeBron is going to New York?” Bryant told The Post. “I’m trying to tell you in a polite way, I don’t give a [bleep].

“As a fan, it’s a big deal,” Kobe added. “You’re talking about LeBron and Dwyane Wade, it’s two huge names changing cities. It alters things drastically in the NBA. But I really don’t care about it.”

Byron Scott, now an ESPN broadcaster, was standing with Bryant and cracked up.

“Why are people talking about LeBron anyway?” Scott said. “Let me tell you something. From me just knowing Kobe, he doesn’t give a [bleep] what everyone is talking about anyway.”

“I couldn’t have said it better,” Bryant piped in.

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  • lakers2000

    Yeah! Haa haa. Nobody but the queen give a “bleep”. Enough about this loser already until free agency is a go.

  • Chris Manning

    I love Kobe’s intensity. Truthfully, Kobe is so keyed in on the title I think even LA fans still take this man for granted, at times. Kobe’s response to this LeBron stuff is golden. I love the mamba! Tell the truth KB!

    • Lakers 24 7

      Kobe’s right, though. These two teams didn’t battle for the Finals for the media to talk about LeBron. Save that for when free agency is open. We’re over here, the REAL WITNESSES, witnessing REAL GREATNESS, we should be thankful and blessed, and yet the media is talking about some boozhey ass free agent summit. GTFO! True, this off-season may be the biggest off-season in NBA history, but the Lakers-Celtics rivalry is even bigger than that.

  • lakerbunny


  • rizzo

    the only thing kobe cares about right now is capturing ring #5. everything else is irrelevant.


    LEBRON IS A CHOKER… he is a joke… so who cares?

  • Sasha4Lvp

    this proves it. if phil doesn’t come back, byron scott will be the next lakers coach. haha.

  • MeloMamba

    Lebron is just doin what Kobe did in 07 with the “i want to get traded” attention, but i think there goin very very overboard with Lebron

  • lakers0828

    LoL That was Funny Man the Black Mamba Strikes again LOL wow Dude

  • laker fan

    who gives a bloddy bleep about jester leBrick

  • yash

    Kobe dont give a *bleep* about failures

  • 242LakerFan

    The Finals are on, a basketball legend has just passed and this is what people come up with to ask?
    Here’s a question. Why are we having pressers every freakin day BETWEEN GAMES? Can’t these guys rest, practise and focus on the job they have to do? All these questions every day? How do you expect a group of sports reporters, most with limited linguistic skills to begin with, to come up with 12 different ways to ask the same damn question? No wonder they have to resort to irrelevant crap like this just to fill space in their blog!

  • BE_A_LakerFan

    Exactly who cares about Queen James. I’ve been saying that all season.
    ESPN: “The Cavs have the best record in the NBA”
    Me: “I don’t give a [bleep]”
    ESPN: “Lebron is the MVP”
    Me: “I don’t give a [bleep]”
    ESPN: “LeBron hurt his elbow”
    Me: “I don’t give a [bleep]”
    ESPN: “Lebron (any news story you can think of)
    Me: “I don’t give a [bleep]”
    At the end of the day.. nobody really cares about Queen James. Except Cavs fans, sports media, and people who know nothing about basketball. What has he really done besides be a human highlight reel and fold when he’s on the big stage? He has no rings. He should never be mentioned in the same sentence as Kobe. NEVER. People need to realize they are witnessing one of the greatest players to ever play the game.. he’s in the Finals and his name is Kobe Bryant.

    • 242LakerFan


    • islandgirl

      Well Said!!!!

  • si pepe

    Lebron who?

    • Lakerman1

      Lebron lame

  • avcpl

    Think Byron isn’t trying to slide into that head coaching position?

  • Lakerman1

    The media just needs something to take out of context. If i was an NBA player i would not even answer the question. No response is always the best answer. Let them stand there and look stupid. Anyway tomorrow will be 2 / Zip. Lakers all the way.

  • sai

    that was funny.
    there’s no other person i’d love to hear that from but Kobe.

    “i dont give a [bleep] ”
    come on now .. he’s in the Finals, he’s got better things to do.

  • Marwan Marzina

    You know whats funny? Its the Finals & Kobe is answering questions, so why do they ask questions about LeBron? The worst possible time, Kobe’s mindset is on the Finals, he is answering questions about his team and the Finals and LeBron comes up? This is proof that the media is on LeBron’s coattail.

  • cqc_NastyN8

    Good job Kobe! Its a stupid question to ask anyone in the finals. When both teams are focused on winning how dare this stupid reporter ask a dumb question like that. Im happy with what Kobe said and Im even more happy Byron Scott jumped in. Good thing to know that every Laker has got each others backs!!! LAKERS 2010 CHAMPS LETS DO THIS!!!

  • Robert

    Can you picture the media asking Michael Jordon where he thinks Charles Barkley (back in the day) would play?
    This is ridiculous. The “Chosen One” has become the “Choking One”, and they still harp over him. The media are so embarrassed that they keep picking LeChoke to rule the world, and just hasn’t happened for them.
    But the person above was right – they are looking for filler in between games, to pump up public interest in the NBA.
    In the Larry King interview, LeChoke said nothing, and revealed nothing. Who cares?
    The media are constantly missing the point – that the greatest basketball player of our era is playing NOW, in the Finals. He did things that LeJerk will never do. He broke NBA records, Laker records, and nobody will ever see a player like him again. And this is in a league with TOP 50 players like LeChoke, DWade, Snaq, Duncan, etc. – not with losers like the players of the 90s.
    I’ve said it before – when the current media weenies are in their rocking chairs looking at old basketball footage from the beginning of the decade, they will not only appreciate what they don’t now (much too late), they will regret not attaching their names to the greatest player of all time, and reporting the truth about it. They will vaporize into obscurity, and their scathing articles about Kobe will be long forgotten, and buried without any legacy whatsoever.
    They won’t be talked about like the umpire who failed to make the correct call in that perfect game (yeah, he’s the one who ‘took it away’ from the real hero – but they will mention his name in the future), but they will have serious regrets like that umpire (who at least expressed his failure early). The current media will choke on their failure for the rest of their lives.
    Years from now, the failure of the current media to properly honor Kobe will be seen as a giant mistake, and anecdotally injected into any retrospective on the career of the greatest NBA player in history (…. “but strangely, the media in the early part of this decade appeared to deride the greatest player of all time, the #1 scorer in history, the greatest champion in NBA history. Ironically, it was this failure that provided the backdrop of how many of the greatest are treated in history – they are patently ignored, or in early 2000s terms, ‘hated’ for their talents and skills by people that could only wish they would be something like that. But that didn’t stop the greatest. His focus and drive was unparalleled in the NBA, even more than the 2nd greatest player, Michael Jordan.)

  • iiTzDanny

    Thats how we do Kobe! and we should sign Byron to assistant coach!