Here are two videos (you tube) from Kobe’s appearance last night. Great interview, really nice to see Kobe sitting back, and having a great time. “Do you think your back is more sensitive from carrying the Lakers all season?” That was classic

Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel 8-8-07 – Part 1

Kobe Bryant on Jimmy Kimmel 8-8-07 – Part 2

  • magicbalala245

    great interview but it was pain to not here kobe say anything when jimmy say kobe i want you to retire in purple and gold and kobe was there just sitting and didn’t respond to the question that was pain right there

  • mihchul

    there wasn’t really a question to answer, though. jimmy was just reiterating the fact all of us and him would love for kobe to stay in L.A. jimmy even understood that kobe isn’t supposed to be saying anything about his future with the lakers.

  • LD2k

    Yeah, plus Kobe has gone on record to say he’ll keep quiet from here on out regarding the Lakers.

    If Kobe says one word, it’s a media frenzy all over ESPN. Kimmel gave him LOVE and didn’t put him in a tight, uncomfortable spot in my opinion.

  • Michael_23

    Interesting quote from Jimmy saying how is it playing with other team mates. Kobe says he loves and everyone has a high IQ of the game.

    Darn, if we can just get 1 one of those other guys from Team USA …
    or J.O. would be sufficient.

  • as1084

    yea, i agree with most people. i didnt like the reaction kobe gave when jimmy told him to stay in purple and gold. he didnt have to say anything but his facial expression said it all. he could of at least smiled and acted flattered by it but he just gave a stone face. not what i wanted to see.

  • BringDFishBack

    The vacuuming comment at the end was hilarious. And if you didnt like kobe’s reaction, can you blame him? Can you blame him for wanting out of this situation?

  • as1084

    [quote comment=”11416″]The vacuuming comment at the end was hilarious. And if you didnt like kobe’s reaction, can you blame him? Can you blame him for wanting out of this situation?[/quote]

    no i dont blame him. i was hoping he would give a reaction like he is going to stick it out the next two years. but if he wants to go i dont blame him at all. i was just HOPING for a different reaction thats all.

  • mr47

    Kobe has a lot of money because of the fans. We have supported the guy throughout his career, so it bugs the hell out of me when I see this.

    I agree with Gilbert Arenas comments. “How are you going to leave behind a city full of fans that LOVE you over a he said she said ordeal?”

    I agree with his stance on making the team better, but to abandon his laker legacy over bs!? Cut me some f****** slack.

  • Noriega7333

    I was laughing and going “oooooohhh” when the Vick comment came up.

  • keep24

    Dr. Buss:

    For sometime now, I’ve been meaning to write you a letter but couldn’t quite figure out the best way to communicate with you – and then, it hit me: I will talk to you about Lakers as if it were a poker game.

    There are several differences between playing poker and running the Lakers, and here are those differences:

    1) Unlike poker, time is not on your side. A team, especially a superstar like Kobe has a very limited life span. You can’t outlast the other players but sitting idle and folding every hand. ( see: Danny Ainge ) Basketball moves at a speed of light.
    2) Unlike poker, you can not buy in again. When your chips are, they’re gone. ( see: Shaq ) With Shaq, you had pocket aces but got bluffed by Miami.
    3) Unlike poker, you can not take a break. ( see: every other team in the league). Someone has to be running the show at all times.

    There are also some similarities:

    1) Full tilt poker will cost you. ( if you lost your passion, then hand it over to someone who care, like MAGIC)
    2) Know when to fold. ( maybe the kids aren’t ready to take over. Hand it over to the pros)
    3) When you have a short stack of chips, you can’t play small. Yes, that is your position right now. You have pocket aces (Kobe) and just got another ace on the flop – this is the part where you go all in. The time is now. Go all in. Just push all chips in the middle ( bank on Kobe and get some great trades to happen now). Whatever you do, don’t play small. DON’T PLAY SMALL!!!!



  • Michael_23

    What playoff team would break their team to to get Kobe? Chicago? (GM Paxson says he will not break his team to get Kobe)

    New York? Lakers wont not welcome anyone from there. Contracts are too large. I believe with so much individual talent they had the past 2 years, they cannot play as a team and can never get to the .500 mark.

    He wont go to a team that’s gutted. (Remember he wanted to go to Pluto?) He’s realized what he said was out of frustration. So he wont go to a team that sucks. KG said no to Celts til they had Pierce and Allen.

    Can a news reporter to me a favor and sneak into El Segundo or wherever the Lakers FO is and see what’s going on? Are they really sleeping? Is Buss hanging out with 20 y.o. girls or is Mitch eating Cupcakes for lunch? What the heck is goin on?

  • keep24

    The Lakers should have gutted Miami but they didn’t, remember?
    Whay did they get from Miami but a bad contract for an injury prone player ( Grant ) and an exact replacement for Rick Fox (Odom) and a good player ( C. Butler). Then, they traded Butler for Kuame Brown.

    In other words, they traded Shaq for Kuame Brown!!!!

    Still think the Lakers FO has the ability or the smarts to got another team?

    Sorry for the wake-up call but Jerry West has left the building. The three Stooges are now running the show!!!!!

  • Michael_23

    Gonna be honest with everyone. I was kind of excited to see what we were getting for Shaq. But we ended up with half an all-star in L.O., Brian Grant that was worth 12 mil a year (he’s really worth vets minimum), and Caron Butler who is an all star now that’s been traded for Kwame Brown who is no where near an all star.

    sigh …

  • franchise98bn

    I can’t believe the Laker FO is doing Kobe like this. Like Bynum is really the future….I doubt that kid even likes playing basketball. The Future is NOW! Laker FO do something….anything!

  • foxxy