Photo by Kevin Reece | Wire Image
Photo by Kevin Reece | Wire Image

Kobe Bryant joined ESPN radio’s Steve Mason and John Ireland today to talk about the passing of Lakers owner Dr. Jerry Buss.

Bryant talked about Jerry Buss’ historic 34 year run which included 16 trips to the NBA Finals, and 10 championships:

“That’s ridiculous. That run is unprecedented. It’s unmatched in any other sport. It’s silly. It’s absolutely silly. Hopefully LA understands everything that he has been able to accomplish with this franchise in a very, very competitive sport with some very, very competitive teams. I mean that’s just ridiculous.”

Kobe also touched on what he will remember most about the Lakers owner:

“The last conversation that we had. Because I was trying to encourage him, and he was feeling good that day. I was trying to encourage him to come down to the opening game and just come down to the court. Because he would never come down to the court. I said ‘Come down to the court and let these people of Los Angeles give you the love that you deserve. Let them just one time give you a standing ovation, the applause, just everything that you deserve for everything that you have done.’  He said ‘I normally wouldn’t do that but actually I would like to do that.’ I think that will be the one thing that I take from it.”

Bryant and the Lakers start their post All-Star schedule back up on Wednesday against the Boston Celtics at Staples Center.