A lot of people knew Kobe put on a lot of basketball miles with the 08 Finals season to the Olympics and right back into last season all the way to the title. Here’s what he had to say on this summer and getting healthier!

Picture 1LATimes: “I was perfectly healthy,” Bryant said at the Lakers’ media day Tuesday. “All I did was get healthier. It’s been a long time.”

Bryant, a notorious workaholic, said he stayed away from basketball for about “about a good month and a half to two months.”…

…”My legs feel rejuvenated,” Bryant said. “I feel like I’m in great shape. Nothing is nagging me, outside of the hand and fingers, stuff like that.”

  • Short Dog

    Kick some ass Kobe. Show the world once again- who’s the real and who’s the fake. Dam I need the NBA ticket!

  • http://rivalmedia.tv Chris Ekstedt

    you know… his hands and finger must hurt. pimp slapping all of the other teams in the nba will tire anybody… my prediction.. lakers against either boston or cleveland. either way two great story lines.. one shaq vs kobe. or kobe vs lebron and shaq vs bynum and the other one being the muther effing boston cel-ticks.

    either way lakers 2009-2010 champs

  • Short Dog

    The East is so bad the Bucks or the Raptors might be there with us in the Finals. Lakers should play the weak East All Stars better.

  • lakers2000

    The league is in trouble! Kobe should be epic this season. Go Lakers!!!!

  • LD24

    “The East is so bad….”

    ….really, dude? Take a look a the top three in each conference:

    Lakers/Spurs/Blazers(debatable, but my opinion), and Cavs/Magic/Celtics. I’d say the Lakers are the best of all six, but the East’s top three is probably better than the West’s top three. But of course, if you consider the rest of the conference, I’d give the edge to the West.

    My point is that the East isn’t “that” bad. You can certainly make the argument that it’s harder to get out of the East since there’s no clear cut top dog like the Lakers in the West.

    • Short Dog

      You are trippin. the Lakers had to go through Utah-Houston-Nuggets all that. Who does the East have. The cavs are a joke. So is boston. Or maybe your favorite team the heat. The spurs and the blazers would of been on the top three if they were on the East.

      • desecrator93

        Come on man, take off your homer glasses for a minute and admit that the top 3 East teams are for real. And any of them COULD beat us if things dont break our way. Dont sell opponents short or else your team may end up on the short end of the stick.

        • Short Dog

          With the team we had last season and our new team this season no team in the east can touch us. You actually think the eastern conference can compete? Lame. Kobe will only settle for a championship. So that stick that came out of your mouth-sit on it. You need glasses if you think the east has juice.

          • desecrator93

            Look man theres no doubt we got a better team than all of those but you never know what could happen. We could lose focus, suffer a big injury or just have alot of sh*t not go our way in the playoffs. You never know. I doubt any of that is likely to happen but it could happend and those teams are good enought to take advantage of that and beat us. Its just the facts. If you cant see that then you need to check yourself badly.

  • The Mamba24

    Let’s see what a rested Kobe Bryant can do.

  • Short Dog

    I don’t cheer for other teams or put them on a pedestal. It’s the Lakers all day everyday. 8 days a week. Good times bad times. If an injury comes around the Lakers will handle it. We are the team to beat. No doubt. The focus is there, even I’m focused and the season hasn’t even started. Lakers 2010 Champs. don’t forget where you came from. You need to check yourself-man.

    • desecrator93

      Dont get me wrong man, I’m just like you, I love the Lakers till im in a casket but Im just keepin it real. Wasnt tryin to disrespect you or nothin. Of course I want the Lake Show to sh*t all over those teams and I personally think they will. But I’m just keepin it real by sayin anything can happen and its not a guarentee that we’ll win the title. But I think we’ll get it done if everybody stays in line and the core players stay away from freak injuries (I’m talking to you Drew).

      • Short Dog

        It’s a guarantee we win the Finals. Kobe’s drive is to surpass miss jordan. He has a good team that grew up together. This Lakers team will become a dynasty. Kobe will shut all his critics up. Saying he lost a step. Lakers all the way. All the Laker haters should go to Lebrons or dwane wades web site. Faggets.