I love Kobe… and hearing Kobe talk about the team makes me love this team even more. We’re going to be dangerous the rest of the year and come playoff time, we’ll be ready for anyone. Come finals time, we’ll be ready for the Celts…

L.A. Times: More and more, Kobe Bryant feels like a kid locked in a toy store after closing hours.

“It’s like Christmas every day,” Bryant said. “We have so many weapons here. I really just use my abilities to be a bait, continue to create easy shots for my teammates and just move the ball and play well together.”

Bryant continues to be complimentary of the Lakers and their recent success, which makes sense.

Pau Gasol has been a boon since joining the team, averaging 20.8 points, 8.2 rebounds and 3.2 assists in five games while providing an immeasurable emotional boost on what many thought would be a rough trip.

Lamar Odom seems comfortable as the team’s third scoring option. Ronny Turiaf and Jordan Farmar remain bursts of energy off the bench. Sasha Vujacic has been scoring from the outside. Luke Walton made a key shot down the stretch Monday against Charlotte.

It adds up to the Lakers sitting on the cusp of road-trip history.

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  • somelakerfan1

    this is very good

  • maadtechlaker

    kobe got what he wanted,I’m happy for him it’s about freakin time, but now he needs to step up and bring the lakers back to the promiseland and win. A campionship or two in te next five yrs. would solidify him as one of the greatest ever,however, no finals appearaces or quick exits will make him just a great offensive player. I love the lakers and Kobe,
    I hope he can rise up to the challenge and bring pride back to us the LAKER DIE HARDS.


    I don’t know why people still feel it’s OK to trash him.All he wanted was players to come to LA and play to their fullest potential EACH GAME and not just when there playing the Bum teams( I don’t what those teams record says)but5 every team they play,EVERY NIGHT THEY PLAY,NO HOLDS BARRED,PUT YOU OUT OF YOUR MISERY EVEN IF THEIR PLAING THE CELTICS OR MINNESOTA.

  • LA-KB-RD24

    i really think the Lakers are goign to win the finals this year… parade at staples in june babay!!!

  • kushking

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    im there

  • gugy

    Kobe is a Laker for Life!

    I would predict 3 more rings until he retires.

  • http://frankthetank.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/kobe-bryant-bulls.jpg JoJo

    Kobe is a Kid.It’s funny how he uses these anologies but the truth is he was packing his bags and now everything is all good? He’s a cry baby. Now he looks dumb!It’s like watching one of those sweet sixteen MTV shows. No car? No car? WAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! I’m a big believer in Karma and I think it will catch up to the Lakers come playoff pressure cooker time. First Gasol has never played past the first round and secondly you don’t go from a team that was about to be blown up to a Championship winner in the same season. Not even sure the Celtics will win the ECF. They are very beatable and the playoffs are entirely different beast. So when the Lakers start talking title and how much butt love they have for one another I just smile. For Laker fans to mention seeing the Celtics in the finals is arrogance.

  • gugy


    F•ck you! you are just jealous dude.! hahahahahahaha


    Kobe will renew his contract in 2010 for 3 or 4yrs and som change and Shaq will want to come back and Mitch will say “Didn’t we ship your A!% out already”?!?!

  • willow

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    I’m already sitting fron row on Figueroa with my portable TV counting down to the last seconds of the Finals after we beat the Big Green Monster. Hahaha! See you guys there.

  • 187 ON BOSTON

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  • LakersFirst

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    I am smiling too, because the Lakers are going to domainate for the next 5 to 7 years :)

    Let us examine the Lakers trade for Gasol when compared to that of the Suns, Dallas and Boston.

    – Suns: Whey acquired Shaq, they acquired a 36 year old man that has maybe this year and next year left, that’s it. The Diesel is running out of gas. Nash is already 34 and only has a few years (2 max). Grant Hill is old. When those 3 are gone, Amare can’t carry the team by himself (he’s good, not great). Leandro Barbosa is a good one on one player in the open court but is a not a true point guard because he can’t distribute. Oh yea, and the Suns traded away a few of their #1 draft picks to the Sonics. In conclusion the Suns got older.

    – Dallas: They give up a young, dynamite, fast player for a 35 year old Jason Kidd who maybe has 2 years left as well. Like the Suns, the Mavs got older

    – Boston: KB is in his 30’s, Ray Allen is 32 and those ankles are giving out on him and Paul Pierce is no spring chicken either. Let’s face it, they too only have maybe 2 years max.

    The Lakers: Acquired a 27 year old Gasol (in his prime). They have Kobe in his prime at 29. LO is I believe 28. Bynum is only 20, Faramar is 20. The Lakers are younger than the teams mentioned and they are still contending.

    Let’s face it, there is a lot to smile about in Laker land :)