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Kyrylo Fesenko, center for the Utah Jazz, was involved in a couple of incidents with Kobe Bryant during the 96-85 Lakers win up in Utah.

The first was when Fesenko banged knees with Kobe Bryant at the top of the key, and the other, was a hard foul followed by Fesenko throwing the ball towards Bryant.

Pau Gasol had to restrain Bryant, as he began to charge Fesenko after the ball was thrown towards him.

Here is what Kobe had to say after the game, courtesy the O.C. Register

I asked Kobe Bryant what he initially thought when Bryant’s tender right knee took that hard knee from Kyrylo Fesenko, Utah’s fledgling 7-footer who started the game Friday night.

Bryant’s answer: “Kitty cats can’t hurt me.”

Bryant was asked by another reporter if the situation with Fesenko ignited the Lakers’ run.

Bryant’s answer: “Teddy bears don’t ignite me.”

Another reporter asked about it further, and Bryant cut it off, laughing. After he finished answering other questions, he laughed again and announced: “You guys asked me three questions on Fesenko. You’ve got to be (expletive) me!”

With the win on Friday night, the Lakers are 17-1 since the all-star break, and have won their last nine in a row. (Video after the jump)

  • Kaley Cuoco Insider

    Ha Ha Ha. Nicely answered!

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  • Lakers 24 7

    That’s NINE in a row! Not eight!

  • Laker8n4te24

    On the replay it kinda looks like fesenko sticks his leg out to trip Kobe when they bumped knees but I dunno

  • Gab

    Fesenko grabs some minutes off the bench and instead proving his worth it , he did a bad job and worst than anything else, he bored Kobe !
    Don’t try to show that you’re a man, not against Kobe the best player
    The Black mamba will strikes again !

  • rondo

    A Big stiff Years ago he would not have been in the NBA. The watered down league helps stiffs like this big clown get in the NBA.

  • 123kid

    kobe is gonna posterize that f*cker next game! he’s just waiting to strike.

    • NBA

      Did he POSTERIZE (?) him? Looks like the Lakers arent doing so well right now. You all are bandwagon fans.

  • Devon

    Once again Kobe shows how big of a douche he really his…..god he’s such a pompous dick!

    Believe me I respect him as a player, and anyone who says hes not as good as some of the greats are just plain ignorant, but I really hate him as a person.

    After Fez through Kobe down so many times, I wanted reporter to ask if Kobe was proud of Fez for protecting his paint…..

    • Rp

      Kobe’s reaction was not to the hard foul.. which he often plays through and expects the same from his bigmen protecting the paint against opponent.. Fesenko throwing the ball at him caused the reaction..

    • imfasterthanur

      You hate him as a person? Do you guy hangout on the weekends or something?

      The “person” you are referring to is a media perception. I’, pretty sure you can’t hate Kobe as a person

    • lakerman928

      You’re an IDIOT! You dont know Kobe first of all second of all kobe wasnt upset about the hard foulds more like the ball being thrown at him and third of all FUCKK YOU!!!!

    • LakerMarc

      Devon ur such an ass! Part of what makes Kobe so great is not just his play but his demeanor…he dsnt fist pump and ram his head on things like some of the leagues players who hvnt yet gone thru any kind of natural selection and evolution. Head games are just as important as what happens on the cort…look at Amare’ and his comments, Shaq, Phil Jackson. etc etc…. Kobe just flames the fires more sometimes and that isnt always a bad thing… If you hate Kobe its ok….who cares ur not alone..and maybe that’s why ur a douchebag…’d be more original if you liked him…..

    • rondo

      Devon get a life you sound like a real asshole hating a person you dont even know. Are you jealous of Kobe?

      • Stanley

        I agree with Devon, Kobe is a great player, but just like MJ he is a piece of fecal matter as a human being. Punching players, rape charges, ego prima donna, terrible leader on the floor. He’s proud of Bynum who could’ve paralyzed Michael Beasley. I call it what Phil Jackson mentions “Karma”

        • LakerMarc

          U dont make any sense Stan…go away!

  • dave m

    Kobe’s “kittycat” comment’s pretty funny but the truth is that this Fesenko kid is real big and likes to enforce the pain and that’s not so common these days. Kobe’s got the highest pain threshold in the league – he can shrug off this stuff but if I’m the Jazz, I’d throw the Ukrainian into more games, more often.

    In the neverending quest for readers, anybody who’s got time to waste (and I mean that literally) should feel free to check out the new Searching for Slava post.

    • LakerMarc

      Basically Fesenko is a PUSSY!!!!! We get it Kobe…just like Phil saying Cuban likes to P R I C K people’s skin…we get it! Atleast we should get it!!

    • rondo

      Dave:You are the only one who likes this fucken non playing stiff. This Clown can ruin a great players career. you call that tough basketball (bullshit)

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  • mike.jones

    Honestly, I didn’t see it as that big of a thrown ball at Kobe, that might have just been me, he kinda threw the ball down.